Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why-Fi? What Businesses are getting by giving free internet

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FREE. Wi-Fi. Two of the things we love in one place! What’s not to like?

But how are they benefitting from providing free internet to costumers?” Perhaps you’ve already asked yourself this question once or twice while you’re in a coffee shop with a free Wi-Fi connection. You might not notice it, but you are spending almost double the amount of time (and perhaps) money on coffee and snacks just because you can browse your Facebook account while sitting on a comfy sofa. And don’t tell me you’re just there for the coffee.

Stroll in your neighborhood and you will see that almost every business is offering a promotion such as a special offer, sale or discount. Businesses are competing in a hectic environment as consumers look for the best deals around.

Smart managers and business owners are now realizing the importance of providing free internet connection to their customers. It’s almost impossible not to see customers reaching out in their pockets or purses and using their smartphones.

And that there is where the magic happens – in the form of “hey, do you have a Wi-Fi here?”

Here are 5 reasons why businesses are providing (or should have) free Wi-Fi to customers.

Attract and Retain Customers. Wi-Fi allows businesses like pubs, cafes and restaurants to attract new customers, sometimes just by posting a FREE Wi-Fi sign on their doors. Have you tried sitting alone in a bar or coffee shop? Awkward, right? Free Wi-Fi connection lets people connect with friends online and removes the awkwardness of sitting alone. This ultimately leads to more business for the establishment. Bars, cafes and restaurants can reap many benefits by simply providing free Wi-Fi access.

Offers competitive Edge. Everyone loves the word “free” as much as we like sales and discounts. Providing free Wi-Fi access could be the deciding factor in choosing one business or organization over another, since we all tend to appreciate and favor complimentary extras.

Minimal investment required. Installing a Wi-Fi hotspot doesn’t involve the costs that many businesses expect. iiNet’s Wi Fi connection, for instance start from just $79.95 per month. A Free Wi-Fi is beneficial for a business that has multiple customers in the business at once, especially if they’re waiting for appointments, enjoying a coffee or maybe shopping in the premises. Moreover, a business is expected to have a free Wi-Fi connection if it’s in the metropolitan area.

Help customers comparison shop.  How do you choose between two businesses? Price and quality. In the age of smartphones, having a free Wi-Fi connection provides businesses with a significant advantage over their competitors. People tend to stay longer in a store when there’s a Wi-Fi. And sometimes before buying, we just have to check out that item we were eyeballing last night.

Meet customer expectations.  Customers are becoming accustomed to free Wi-Fi access and this has created an expectation for free W-Fi- availability. Many public and private places like transportation hubs, city centers, hotels, libraries, pubs, restaurants or even churches have it! Businesses with no free Wi-Fi connection need to embrace this trend ASAP and allow their customers to stay connected to their online world.

So, what would you choose: an establishment who offers FREE Wi-Fi or the other one who doesn’t? Case in point.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Asus ET2040IUK Is A Complete Package

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Asus ET2040IUK is not only quick and quick to respond; however it's also a treat to your eyes. Your pics and films will get personified with the lively and bright color patterns, games will immerse you in eye-catching 3D creations full of quick visual aspect, and every job will be made more pleasurable thanks to the outstanding simplicity of the display.

Thanks to the newest and supreme Intel CPUs and speedy graphics, all those daily jobs will get converted into natural fun. Multitasking is flawless, with smooth switching between numerous application programs running all at once, and it's readily receptive so that you spend less time in the offing and additional time working.

If you've ever lost data because of unexpected loss of wattage — whether caused by dim outs, cuts or even accidental disconnecting by pets or kids — you'll be grateful for ET2040's intelligent integrated backup control. Unlike other AIO personal computers that trust wholly on mains power to function, ET2040 will continue functioning for around 60 minutes if the power gets lost — automatically! This offers you ample time to put aside all your open credentials.

Imagine controlling multimedia players or browsing the internet from up to five meters away from your computer. ASUS AIO PC ET2040 turns it all possible with superior Hand-Gesture Recognition Software (HGRS), which makes use of the incorporated camera to precisely understand actions. Play songs or video recordings, regulate player settings or zoom and revolve pics — all from a distance.
19.5-inch AIO PC has the following traits -
  • Windows 8.1
  • Great backup power puts off data loss up to one hour
  • Instinctive gesture control for hands-free entertainment
  • Complete collection of I/O ports with three USB 3.0, three USB 2.0 and HDMI-output
  • Slim and space-saving design

Monday, December 15, 2014

Keeping Out of It - the Benefits of Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Some people like to be wired for sound wherever they go, keeping up with the charts while they’re on the move or simply just to keep their spirits up on a long but not particularly interesting journey. Of course, they can’t always enjoy the experience because of noise going on in the background, which is when a set of noise-cancelling headphones can come in handy. Here are just a few of the benefits of such headphones.

Enjoying the journey in peace

When you travel on a plane, train or bus, unfortunately you can’t choose who else gets on the vehicle. Sometimes it can be an inconsiderate passenger who is chatting too loudly on their mobile phone or with their fellow passenger. Sometimes it can be 
a child throwing a tantrum and, in a battle of wills with the parent, refusing to stop screaming. It can even be a teenager playing tunes out aloud on their mobile phone, to the annoyance of other passengers, rather than plugging some headphones into the device. You may have to travel with them and tolerate them, but you don’t have to hear them. The journey can be much easier with a set of noise-cancelling headphones.

Protect your own hearing

Sometimes the noise around you is simply too much. If you’re on a plane or out on a busy road, the volume of the engines, roar from the traffic or the din from road works can be all-consuming and you’ll feel tempted to crank up the volume to block it out. That’s not good for your hearing, of course, and you’re likely to do your ear drums, and ears in general, a massive disservice. So instead of yielding to this temptation, think about your hearing and invest in some good noise-cancelling headphones.

Avoid distractions

Background noise can be a real distraction, whether it’s the noise of the football match on the TV while you’re studying or the sound of someone else’s music interfering with your own while you try to get in some quality me-time. A decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones can help you 
to shut them all out, or at least minimize the distractions, and focus on those all-important facts or equally important relaxation.

A good set of headphones can make the experience of listening to music much more enjoyable. Without the interruptions and interference from the outside world, you’re free to focus on the sounds that please you the most and really get the best out of your music.

Image by kohlmann.sascha, used under Creative Commons license

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

File Sharing at Your Fingertips: Adobe Reader X Integrates with Adobe SendNow

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You love sharing your favorite family photos, videos, and your own personal creations. You've got a couple of options for sharing. You can upload files to cloud-based sharing systems like Amazon or Google. You can also use your own personal cloud solution, like a networked drive.

Another option is to make use of the Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing protocol. Vuze software that specializes in this method which allows you to retain control over your files and share them at the same time.

A relative newcomer in the file sharing space appears to be Adobe. Its new Adobe Reader X sports a cleaner UI, with larger buttons and a rearranged menu structure – making it less intimidating for new users. The reader also integrates a unique file-transfer feature. This feature lets you read the document and then transfer it to anyone you want without leaving the application.

So, for example, if you just received a document from a friend, and you open it and like it, you can now send it to another person without firing up your email client. Just click the “SendNow” button, and it will connect you with Adobe SendNow. The SendNow feature supports lots of different document types like Office documents, images, and text files. But, the reader itself still only supports PDFs (not surprisingly).

There's another feature that some users might also like, and that's “Protected Mode.” While most PDF files are safe, there are still malicious users out there trying to infect your computer. They do this by exploiting vulnerabilities in the Reader. Protect Mode helps to contain any malicious code that tries to modify your computer's file system or registry settings.

A Few Tips When Using Adobe's New Reader

When you locate a PDF file you want to open, click on it. Abode Reader should automatically start and display the document in the browser window. If the reader doesn't launch automatically, you'll be prompted to choose a default application to use when reading similar file types. Navigate your computer for the Acrobat reader and select it. You always wan to use it to read PDFs.

How To Copy Text From a PDF Document

Since the Adobe Acrobat Reader isn't a standard web browser, its default is set to a custom scrolling function (the “hand” that grabs and moves the page around). You'll have to right-click and choose the “select tool” from the menu. Then, select a piece of text you want to copy and then right-click and select “copy.” From here on out, pasting is the normal right-click and “paste” function or “CTRL V” (Command V on a Mac).

Never Open Suspicious PDFs

When in doubt, don't open it. Even though protect mode is supposed to protect you from malicious attacks, it's still a new feature and not battle-tested. So, don't go testing it on your system unless you're confident that you can deal with any threats that manifest if the system doesn't catch it.

Always Use Protected Mode When In Doubt

When you have to open files of unknown origin, always use Protected Mode. It'll save you hours of frustration if and when it catches something malicious. It's your first line of defense. Use it.

Corey Dudley often deals with large amounts of data to be shared with a number of people. Through his years of experience, he blogs about innovative and secure ways web users can share information for work or play.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Impact Of Technology On Games

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Currently, technology is one of the major factors that define how various industries in the world are being managed. The gaming industry is not an exception, particularly games. These games are generally classified into three main categories namely; table games, electronic gaming machines and random number ticket games.

Digital migration 

Due to the rapid increase of technological devices such as smartphones and tablets, Red Flush Games are increasingly establishing themselves on the internet. Tech-savvy companies are now creating portable gaming devices that allow users all over the world to play these games online. This has greatly increased the number of people playing the games therefore making them more widespread and profitable.

Easy marketing 

In the past, marketing of games was a major challenge in the gaming industry. Things have changed with time since technology promotes easy marketing and sharing of such games. The use of smartphones has created a wide variety of game applications that are now accessible all over the world. For example, on social media, there are thousands of games played and shared with friends all over the globe.

More fun and reality

It is also possible to play such games on bigger screens without straining the eyes. This has made it an easy and enjoyable experience for so many gaming enthusiasts across the world. The introduction of big screens has increased the passion of players since the games seem real and interactive than ever before. 

Real games for real money

Due to the introduction of new technology, so many people are making money playing games with their counterparts from different parts of the world.  This is fast becoming a suitable pastime and a luxurious business at the same time. According to research, there are more than a million smartphone activation's in the world every day and this proves how easy it is for such people to enjoy games right from their devices.

Improved safety standards

Despite the fact that these online games are a great source of income and profits for so many players worldwide, there are some security features that have been introduced to secure the online payment systems. These systems are relatively safer and confidential than some other traditional versions. Additionally, the payments are transferred and deposited almost instantly, therefore creating trust among the players and administrators. The instant transactions also encourage more players to compete with their counterparts as they look forward to more wins, entertainment and greater financial rewards.

The future of games is very bright judging from the recent technological advancements. According to most tech geeks, these games are set to evolve to an extent where the players will only give verbal instructions to their devices as they enjoy playing the games. It is indeed true that technology has changed how games are being played nowadays compared to the past. Judging from their rising popularity, the world is set to witness even more exciting inventions that will not only make such games a good pastime, but also a full-time profitable job for some people.