Thursday, May 03, 2012

3 May 2012 Google Pagerank Update (Check yours)

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3 May 2012 Google Pagerank Update

Google Pagerank is a web reputation given by Google's algorithm, page rank is considered a off page seo element and is the one of 100+ factors which Google use in algorithm to rank a site.
Every blogger and webmaster want to get the more pagerank from Google, because it's a attractive feature (show-off) to determine your reputation in the eyes of Google's algorithm.

Have you checked your pagerank today? Today (3 may 2012) Google's page rank update has occurred, it's the second pagerank update this month.
We have checked our pagerank today we have got pagerank 3, previously we have pr 0, check your pagerank it may be increased or decreased. Google's give pagerank to sites from 0 to 10, hurray we have 3/10.
If your pagerank is increased in this update then I congratulate you and if your pagerank haven't increased or decreased then try next time (I think next update will be in Aug 2012).

How to check page rank of your site or blog:

Google pagerank checker

Use Google toolbar to determine your site's pagerank or Type your site url in below box to check your site's pagerank (pagerank will be shown in images):

Or use google pagerank checker
Here are some sites helps you to check Google page rank (search Google for more):

Sites to check your page rank:

Sites that can check pagerank as well as create pagerank widget for your site i.e button, badge:

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