Friday, May 04, 2012

Alertpay is going to be Payza soon

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alertpay will turned into payza

There are many payment processing services; Alertpay is the one of them. Alertpay is the best alternative to PayPal, where its (PayPal) not available. MH Pillars Inc. has acquired AlertPay and Alertpay is going to be Payza soon.
Payza will be officially launched on May 14, 2012. All Alertpay will accounts, information etc. will be transfer to the new service (Payza). Payza is faster, easier, flexible, safest and cheapest than Alertpay as per official sources. I think all disabled options in Alertpay i.e. check withdraw, credit card processing will be enabled in this service. Payza will available for support more than 190 countries as per PrWeb.

Communications Director of MH Pillars said:
We acquired AlertPay’s technology in order to further enhance its usability and offer our customers even more services (in Payza).

New Features in Payza:
  • New offers
  • Priority customer service
  • Handheld friendly interface (for smartphones as well as a wide range of other mobile phones)
  • Support more countries and currencies (bank wire will be available for more currencies).
  • More payment processing options
  • A complete new design