Monday, May 14, 2012

Disqus 2012 beta - the new way to comment

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Disqus 2012

Disqus 2012:

You may see many sites using alternative comments, IntenseDebate, Disqus, and Facebook comments are well known alternative commenting platforms. Disqus is the most used alternative commenting system around the web, when you search blog comments on Google you will see Disqus on the top. Disqus has recently released a new version of their commenting system and named it Disqus 2012. Disqus 2012 is currently in beta stages and available for only those who has invitation for that; Disqus also sent invitation to most active blog communities, company currently getting feedbacks from peoples to improve Disqus-2012, company announced in official blog post that 2012 version of this commenting platform will be come to public in June 2012, comments and setting will be not lost on upgrading to new platform.

What does it look like?


Fully redesigned: Comments in Disqus-2012 are completely redesigned, contains new Css and html coding to make commenting great, easy and comfortable, all buttons in comments are changed, no popup for choosing comment profile.

Search Engine Optimization friendly: Comments are Seo friendly, Seo features in Disqus-2012 will also works outside of commenting box (feature not completed yet) and can be easily indexed by major Search Engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc.

New interface: In this version (2012) there’s a sleek navigation bar below comments, if you are registered in Disqus you can easily access your commenting activities and achievements notifications from anywhere by clicking my Disqus tab. Access star commenters and top commenters of your site by clicking community tab, you can also access users profile (activities and etc.) just by clicking avatar.

Comment box looks like below:

Read more from official source:

Product's Blog post: Try out the new DISQUS 2012
K.B article and faqs: Disqus 2012 and F.A.Q.

How to get new Disqus_2012:

Beta version is currently only working on invitations; if you want to add Disqus 2012 comments to your site you need invitation.

Get invitation:

Go to to get invitation for Disqus v2012.
After that you will see a screen as below:


Live Demo:
You can see live demo on our site

Final words:

Everything listed up is gotten from official source. I experiment new comments I saw some bugs, new comments are slower than previous one and there must be many other unknown bugs, I hope these bugs will be fixed in final version; I’m eagerly waiting for final version.
That’s all thanks


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