Wednesday, July 04, 2012

[Download] Google Play Store 3.7.13 (Updated with Android 4.1 Support)

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Google Play Store Updated to v3.5.19 Google Play Store is official app from Google for Android (Previously known as Android Market and later it was re-branded as Google Play Store). Google's play Store contains applications, games, widgets, music, books and etc. for Android devices. Google Play Store helps you to browse, search apps ‘n’ games in various categories as well as update existing apks (Apps and Games). You can also visit web version of play store by clicking play in google's nav or simply by visiting Few days ago Google's Play Store for Android was updated from v3.5.19 to v3.7.13.

Support for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

Little faster than the previous version.


Android 2.2 as well as higher devices.


Download Installation file from any below links,
Install using any file manager (Astro file manager, File expert, Es file manager and any other which supports installation of apks) or install using adb available in Google’s Android Sdk (headset drivers must be installed).

Google Play Store v3.5.19



Google Play Store 3.7.13 (Deposit Files)
Google Play Store v3.7.13 (Mirror Creator - Multi Mirror)

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  1. I think that the main reason why people love android. A lot of free stuff =)