Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Reasons why you should get Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

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Microsoft Surface

The news that Microsoft is to release its first real entry into the tablet market has caused something of a buzz in the world of technology this week. This is no surprise, MS isn’t renowned for bringing out its own hardware and of course, there’s plenty of speculation as to whether Surface can compete with the wildly popular iPad.

So why should you buy one?

Why to Buy Microsoft Surface Tablet


USB capability

This is the big one for many people – having the ability to attach removable devices to Surface might just be enough to win enough people over to make a serious dent in Apple’s tablet market share, currently at around 68%. Since the launch of the first iPad, users have bemoaned the lack of USB capability; however, Apple will already be aware of this and it can be expected they will address it soon enough.

Screen Size – at 10.6 inches

Surface wins out over the iPad and other tablets and makes for better viewing, especially if you consume a lot of media such as streaming video. I don’t think this will be a real sway for many though, iPad screens have amazing resolution, whilst Microsoft has said that its tablet will have full HD screen res, this is nowhere near as good as the new iPad.

Microsoft Office

This will be a big plus to business and student users as Surface will, as a MS product, be 100% compatible with the most popular office package around the world. Pages, the iPad’s word processing is pretty basic and although it’s OK for typing simple documents on, that’s all it can do. No referencing tools, no extended formatting options, to use Pages for business or university is all but impossible.


Surface comes complete with a magnetic cover that converts into a soft-touch keyboard. Whilst you can buy external keyboards for the iPad, these are expensive and the built-in screen-based keyboard on the device is frustrating even for the best typists.


Surface will run Microsoft’s newest version of its popular OS, Windows 8, and since the operating system remains the most popular the world over, users will like a device that they are familiar with in terms of OS. Another plus to this is the possibility of syncing every Windows-based device or system that you own with Surface – a real bonus for the user who has PCs and even phones that run Windows.

Microsoft Surface Video

Final Words

Whilst the whole world speculates, only time will tell how successful Surface will be, but it’s bound to have some success, it’s made and marketed by Microsoft after all, and whilst they may not be most famous for producing hardware, they are a trusted technology company.
This is bound to make a difference to many and the beauty of it is, computer vendors and repair shops are so familiar with what makes Windows tick, there will always be plenty of options for consumers to find help, should they need it, if anything should go wrong with Surface.


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