Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Buying Social Media Influence, A Promising Marketing Tactic?

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Buying Social Media Influence

Social media is no longer a stranger to the internet community. In fact, people online have embraced it, spending most of their precious time either networking or playing games. Social networking websites are also rich in information
, as user members are basically sharing anything for one purpose or another. Whether it’s personal experiences, professional insights or bold opinions on relevant matters, businesses are celebrating heyday every day for each shared posts on these platforms.

However, what a business can do with the information mined is not enough to cut through the fierce competition in internet marketing. Apart from passive actions such is called in layman term “lurking,” an active plan of action also needs to be taken, which is to build social media influence through communication and networking.

How can one do that in a smart and quick way?

One emerging solution is to buy social media influence or the so-called social proof. Businesses taking a presence online need that, since it will determine the credibility of their brand, product or service. Take a look at the scenario below:

When a potential client stumbled upon a YouTube video which has a meager 50 views, what do you think will likely happen? The video will be left un-played and un-viewed. However, when you buy YouTube views, say by the thousands, people’s subconscious minds will tap curiosity and encourage them to view it, for the hopes of something worth watching. It’s the same when you buy Twitter followers or SoundCloud plays.

SoundCloud plays, however, are not enough because it’s the followers who matter most in the scheme of things just like Twitter. When a SoundCloud member follows your account, it’s a certainty that your audio recordings will have exposure and plays. Despite this drawback, to buy SoundCloud plays is still a start to achieve the latter goal.

Is buying social media influence a promising marketing tactic

Every business has a trick or two up their sleeves, and this type of marketing method is no different. It is promising because it launches your brand to the top in the trust factor, despite the fact that it’s far from the truth. However, that is no cause for concern, since in the end, it’s the product or the service that is measured, critiqued and judged. Some might call it underhanded and tricky, but it gets things done in the way of business. Moreover, it’s fast, easy and comes in affordable packages that are hard to resist.

Bottom-line, buying a business’ social media influence such when you buy YouTube views, buy Twitter followers and buy SoundCloud plays is merely one of the many marketing tactics that are cost-effective with fast results. Other ways are search engine optimization and search engine marketing like the popular pay-per-click. So, is it promising? It is, absolutely.


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