Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Does Building a Brand Online Work?

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Build our online brand
And what can you as a small business owner do to help your own cause? Of course, the main reason for outsourcing your SEO, web development and branding services to a third party Agency that provides services makes sense because you don't have to worry about all of the daily tasks that comes with building a strong online presence,
but there are always things that you can do online yourself that can help you build an online presence or help to assist the Agency in doing so.

Of course, it starts with research. Research. Research.

However in the Internet marketing and online branding world, research really just means getting involved. Getting involved. Getting Involved – whether you are an HVAC company or a web design DC firm.
You would think that there aren't any HVAC forums out there, or there aren't that many waste management or aerospace science blogs out there. But there are. There are millions upon millions of web properties out there and yes, there are probably thousands upon thousands (if not millions) of web sites that relate to your small business. Right now!

What Advantages do you have as the business owner?

Of course, there are a lot of advantages that you as the business owner have. Number one: You are the only person on the planet that knows your business inside and out and the backend of everything - the way the money flows, the products and services that you and your business provides, and the workflow of how everything gets done.

Most importantly, you know how everything correlates to your end user and how everything relates to your company and business in terms of dollars. This fact right here is one of the most important factors of online marketing. It allows you to continuously take action steps on the Internet that correlate to your overall end user and creating funnels that capture online markets that may be interested in purchasing what it is that you have to offer.

Sound Like Mumbo Jumbo?

It's not. It's how many Internet marketers make money by being affiliates. If you know the secrets of how Internet marketing is done, then you are able to use the online community to your Advantage.

The idea of an Agency and how it connects the dots?

The Agency is the bridge between your offline small business and your online business. By understanding your business as best as possible, an Agency is able to locate pockets of the web that will be valuable for leveraging marketing tactics which may include:

  • General SEO
  • Industry involvement in the blogosphere and in the forums
  • PPC and display network via the Google AdWords program
  • Building Citations and getting you on the MAPs (literally)
  • Inbound marketing (content marketing and leveraging onsite assets)
  • Outreach via social media and webmaster to webmaster solutions

This all sounds nice. But where do you start?

This right here is once again a huge advantage that a small business has when it comes to performing their own online marketing.

But many of them just CAN'T do it. It's impossible. You're too far behind the game you're telling yourself. You don't know what "link juice" means. You don't know how to get involved in the Industry and you don't even know where to start.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Marketing Ignorance:

Ignorance can sometimes be bliss when it comes to Internet marketing, building links, and trying to get more visitors to your website (then again you can always (theoretically) make the right decision (and better decision) if all information is made available to you).
If you are merely building links that will gain you traffic, rather than for solely the purposes of increasing your rank in the search engines, you will always add value to your website, no matter what it is that you do.


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