Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is The 4th Amendment Our Guardian Anymore?

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What is the use of the 4th amendment, the right to have a private life and the assurance that one is safe in their house without any noses of the police poking in their privacy, if the law enforcement agencies can so easily track individual though cell phone tracking? The American Civil Liberties Union, in an effort to decrease this breach on people’s privacy asked the law enforcement authorities if they track people and their positions through cell phone monitoring. Many consented that they do, in fact, have a constant eye on some people and use their personal information to track them. Some even said that through the information they gather, they often don’t even need a warrant to arrest people. Even though this might lead to catching criminals easily, it gives no right to the police or any agency to mingle with the privacy of these people and to extract their personal information and activities. Mobile phone spy apps such as iPhone spy software are under scrutiny now.

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The New Trend of Monitoring Apps

Cell phone tracking by the police has become a common practice for them and now, they claim, they do not even need a warrant to acquire information from an individual’s phone. They monitor people through cell phone monitoring all the time and we don’t know if even we would be under the surveillance of the police for whatever reason they might have. Cell phone monitoring apps and devices have become so popular nowadays and are in so much demand that it is frightening to know that anyone could have information on any person if they just but a monitoring app or device. Phone companies now even send out catalogs and pamphlets which contain the prices of cell phone tracking services which shows how much tracking has become a fashion. Mobile phone spy apps can be very detrimental.

What Privacy?

The 4th Amendment protects an individual’s privacy and makes the police obtain a warrant before they can extract any private information on a suspect and the Supreme Court has been making amends to the new methods of cell phone tracking. This means that law enforcement authorities have been banned from recording people’s phone conversations without having a warrant for it. Only call records can be obtained by having a subpoena which is approved by the court if it thinks the extraction of the information is vital and legitimate. However, since phone companies have made it very easy for user records to be obtained, the 4th amendment has lost all its value and the privacy of individuals is very freely breached.

Selling Out Information

It is a disgrace to see that cellular companies are selling people’s private information to law enforcement agencies. This means that it is not about protecting user’s privacies anymore but how much these companies can earn after selling them to the highest bidder. This completely ignores the 4th amendment and is an atrocious move on the cellular companies’ part. Obviously, in the monetary battle, the police would win and gain free access to anyone’s private life they want. When the cell phone companies are asked how much money they have made from law enforcement agencies at the expense of people’s privacy, they refuse to give a straight answer; one can only imagine how much they would be rolling in dollar bills by selling their consumers out.

It Is My Right

It is true that cell phone tracking helps law enforcement agencies to catch criminals and save victims, it is also true that in that process people’s private lives are just spread open for the police to see and extract information from. There should be some barrier between the police and ordinary man, a barrier that would uphold the 4th amendment and give the liberty of enjoying his privacy to every individual.


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