Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Personalizing Your Smartphone With Apps

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If you go out and ask people what kind of mobile phone they prefer to have, chances are, they would answer a particular brand or model of a smartphone. Of course, it would presently be the latest and the greatest among the kinds of mobile phones that are available on the market. It would do more than call
and text their friends because of the added functionalities that it carried. Yes, smartphones have become a necessity in our lives now.

A smartphone lets you do a lot more things compared to a regular cell phone because of the embedded software. Some of these capabilities are taking pictures, playing music, surfing the Internet and managing your email and contacts.

However, you can up the ante of your smartphone experience with the applications that you can install on your phone. This is where each phone begins to gain its uniqueness because it can reflect the personality of the person who owns it. You can know a little bit about the smartphone’s owner just by looking at the applications installed on it. On the other hand, if you are looking for affordable smartphone units, there are a lot of places online to see and check for offers of smartphone buy back.

So, where does one get the applications to be installed on the smartphone you ask? It actually depends on the kind of smartphone that you are using. There are two major places where you can get the applications directly. One is from the Apple AppStore and the other is from the Android Marketplace or Google Marketplace. Most applications have an Android and an App Store version in order to cater to both. Doing it this way would enable the developer’s application to reach out to more people and of course makes it more versatile. Also, doing it for both the Android and iOS platforms gives the application more chance to become popular.

Browsing within the stores is much like going window-shopping in a mall. You can browse from the thousands of applications available. There are filters that you can apply to make your browsing much more convenient and less time consuming. There are categories for you to choose from ranging from games to entertainment to photography to news. You can also browse the applications based on its popularity starting from the most popular application of course. You can also choose to browse from the paid applications or the free ones only.

In the Apple AppStore, some of the free versions of the applications are considered to be the lite versions meaning its functionalities are reduced compared to the purchasing the whole version of the application. It is like giving you a taste of what the application is all about. The free versions of the applications are helpful because you can try it out first before deciding if the application is well worth the price.

Going back to cheap smartphones, smartphone buy back places are great places to check for bargains, the same with buy and sell smartphones websites. Check these places out first when buying a smartphone because they might just have the best offer for you and finally let you get lost in the world of application shopping.


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