Thursday, June 07, 2012

Repair BlackBerry versus Sell BlackBerry

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Repair BlackBerry vs Sell BlackBerry

People say that instead of having any gadget repaired, it would be better to buy a new one instead. There are some opinions that the damage incurred is too substantial to be fixed or that once a unit is damaged, it cannot really return to its original state.

This is actually so true for most units. Once a gadget is repaired there is no guarantee that the quality would still be the same. It is possible that the unit may break down again. Plus the repairs may cost more than the amount of a new unit. This is true with BlackBerrys. It has been said that to sell broken BlackBerry to buy a newer model is better than having it repaired because it got damaged.

Upgrading an old device would also be more expensive since the programs installed are bought at a not so very cheap price.

But to sell your BlackBerry for cash, this sounds interesting since most of the old BlackBerrys are already damaged. They won’t serve any purpose anymore. The only thing that can be done to save them is to sell them to a company that specializes in old gadget buy backs for recycling. By selling the old unit, one can have some funds to buy a new one; the owner can just add some more money for the latest Blackberry model.

Some people who could not afford to buy a brand new Blackberry model may also benefit in the recycling scheme of the company. An old model can be refurbished by the company. This is actually done by the manufacturers so the quality of recycling is not actually questionable at this stage.

By selling old gadgets, you do not only earn some money from it, but you also help protect the environment on the side. With millions of electronic gadgets being dumped every year, the problem of garbage as tall as mountains is considered very alarming. Electronic garbage does not diminish but it actually grows at a surprising rate. There were even instances that instead of dumping the unusable unit in a landfill somewhere, the old units ended up in smelting companies that actually emit dangerous gasses when the devices are melted down. These gasses released are not good for the health of all living things.

Electronic devices are not actually biodegradable; hence they could not be added to the soil for nourishment. They actually hurt the environment because of their blatant use of harmful chemicals that could cause some kind of radiation that poisons the land and even water and air that are considered very precious to humans.

With the importance of recycling made known. People who might be interested in finally selling their old units instead of keeping them away should be proud of being part of the quest in protecting Mother Earth.


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