Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SEO Keyword Analysis and Implementation for Local Business Pursuits

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SEO Keyword AnalysisEverybody in the SEO business is essentially trying to do one thing: Turn keyword phrases into dollars. Some SEO’s are very good at it, and some SEO’s are very poor at it. Many keyword phrases have very high search volumes and are therefore worth a lot of money. Many keyword phrases have very high search volumes
but are worth no money, some keyword phrases have a low search volume and a minimal worth, and yet some keyword phrases have a low search volume and are worth a lot of money.

That last type of keyword phrase I am talking about is the local business city/service or city/product keyword phrase. It is a very unique type of keyword phrase because it is only meaningful to people that lives in a certain area. And because it is only meaningful to people in a small area (as compared to global relevance) - it gets a low search volume. However these keyword phrases can sometimes be worth monster money.

Thinking about ROI with these keyword phrases

Many marketers really can't say what there ROI is. It is just an honest fact. The search engine world is an ever changing market - Google makes an algorithm change a day - and strategies and the effect of those strategies can literally change on a daily basis.

However, that being said, the local business ROI can be a very large one. But one thing that you have to remember is that ROI will be very different for different types of local business niches. For instance, you know that someone in the dentistry niche gets paid a lot more than somebody in the plumbing niche. When you are doing your local business research, you want to make sure of a couple of things:

  • Research the competition: how heavy is it? Are the sites that are ranking #1, #2, and #3 all very well established sites with high page rank and a pretty good amount of authority?
  • What are the domain name's available? Exact match domain names have lost some of their luster onthe global scale, but for local business needs, they still dominate the local airwaves
  • What are the areas you are going to be targeting? Instead of making a bunch of doorway pages (which is something that Google frowns upon) try optimizing for Google maps. Which have now become Google Plus Local pages
  • Build links through citation sites and local directories that seem to be ranking for everything under the sun that has to do with your local businesses locations and the products and services that you provide. Citations are a huge part of local business, whether you are operating a local HVAC company or a self storage facility


The local business niche can be tough. Especially if you live in a large metropolitan area and there is a lot of competition or on the other side of things - if you live in an area where there is a very low search volume. They key is sticking with it and doing your research and getting heavily involved with niche sites that are in your industry!

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