Friday, June 22, 2012

Social Media: The Perfect Partner of SEO

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Build our online brandWhen you think about search engine optimization, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think of keywords, backlinks, traffic and sales?

Search engine optimization is easy to define, but difficult to implement with great results. A bad backlink could put all your months’ hard work down the drain. You can get your website penalized with all keywords optimized devalued. However, the question now is,
“Are there any more ways to get web traffic without worrying about bad and low quality backlinks?”

One of the most important things that web optimizers learned from the Panda Update and the recent Penguin algorithm change is to be very careful in setting up links pointing toward their website. It seems like Google is taking the serious route to provide users the highest search quality possible.

The Role of Social Media in SEO

social media role in search engine optimizationThus, enter social media. Social media is the next big thing in web optimization. According to reports, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are three of the best traffic referrers to business websites and money blogs. Why is that? It is because in social media, there is no limit when it comes to links. Twitter, for example, is made up of tweet links that directs Twitter followers to a website where the full story is. Facebook and YouTube are the same.

Social media has become an ally to search engine optimizers and web owners in getting found. But the end goal has always been traffic and sales. With social media, that becomes an easy task to accomplish. However, before a business celebrates the advent of social media, there is one thing that has to be painstakingly accomplished and that is getting a social following.

Creating a Twitter account, Facebook page or a YouTube channel is not enough to start on the path of getting traffic and sales. You need people to achieve that. So, it is important to get enough social following, whether they are Twitter followers, Facebook fans or YouTube views and subscribers.

How to get significant social following?

It is important to learn how to get Twitter followers, Facebook fans and YouTube views. Some would suggest that to buy Twitter followers, fans and views will help to immediately boost your following. That strategy works, but still you have to do more than acquire a following in order to reach your goal.

Content and Engagement

Content is the most important element in getting a following, since people need a reason to follow you. And your worth relies on whether you have something useful and relevant for them.

Engagement is another task you need to fulfill, in order to grow your following and impact a social influence. People want interaction. They want someone who interacts with their comments and answers their questions.

The two above-mentioned responsibilities are what composed content marketing. You create content and market them through engagement in social media. Eventually, when you earn their trust, they will naturally click on any of your links and might even be convinced to buy your products or avail of your services.

So, how about social media and search engine optimization marries, to get the traffic and sales you would need?


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