Friday, July 06, 2012

5 Blogging Mistakes By Beginners

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blogging mistakes

Blogging is one of the best way to make real money online. More and more new bloggers are entering in this field daily. I still remember the days when I was new to blogging. I made many mistakes as a beginner. Not me only, I have seen many new bloggers making the same mistakes. In this post, I am going to list the most common mistakes done by new bloggers.
Make sure that you don't make such mistakes so that you can have a good career in blogging. So let's have a look at it.

1. Choosing Wrong Topic

This is the first step in blogging and the sad thing is that most of the newbies make mistake in this very first step. Mostly, newbies start writing about the topic which can lead them to earn good amount. Well, it may give you money for some time but it is not good if you are looking for long run in the field of blogging. You should only write about the topic, in which you are interested yourself.

2. Copy Content

Now don't say that I did not do this or I don't do this. All the new bloggers do this as their main motto is to show advertisements on their blog and to get some clicks on it daily. Content does not matter for them. They just copy the content and then paste it on their blogs. This is the foolish attempt that any blogger make in his/her early blogging career.

3. No Regularity In Posts

Almost all the newbies update their blog only when they get time for it. Sometimes they update 5 posts a day and sometimes 5 per week and sometimes no post at all. This makes their blog readers to lose interest from their blog and results in down peak in their blog's success.

4. Poor Grammar

As the newbies don't have any experience in writing blog posts so it is the most common problem in all the bloggers. They just write the content and not quality content. Poor grammar is always the part of post written by newbie. To write mistakes free blog post, all the newbies must learn English very well and they should proofread the article before posting it. All this reduces the grammar mistakes made by them.

5. No Social Media Promotion and SEO

Sometimes it is also possible that any newbie may have good writing skills already. The chances are rare, but it’s possible. But still it does not mean that such newbie bloggers will get huge amount of traffic. There is no meaning of quality content if there is no reader to read it. Social media promotion is must for every blog, whether it is new or not. Most of the newbies either don't do the social media promotion part or they just promote their blog on Facebook. Well, it’s also not bad, but Facebook is not the only site in social media. Newbies must be familiar with the major social media sites and must use them for the promotion of their blog. Try to be active on at-least three-four social networking site and build a community around you.

The second most important aspect is SEO. Newbie must understand basics of SEO. Without proper SEO knowledge your site will get nowhere. Most of the newbie blogger just start their blogs out of passion. Well, that’s a great idea but without proper plan and SEO knowledge you passion will die eventually when you find that no one visits your blog.

If you are a newbie and wish to make good career in blogging, then make sure that you don't commit any mistakes. These small mistakes in your early blogging career can be dangerous to your ambition of becoming a successful blogger.

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