Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Best Mobile Apps for Visiting a New City

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Mobile Apps for Visiting a New City

Traveling is exciting, and being in a new city can really be a great experiencing. While planning out your trip is extremely important, and finding literature on a new place can not be underestimated, there are a few travel aids that can help you.

There is a ton of apps that can help you pass time while you travel that are worth looking into, such as Youtube’s mobile app and more traditional entertainment like streaming television with DirecTV’s satellite television streaming app. Though these help with the effort of travelling, there are many more apps out there that are essential when exploring any new city or town.

HopStop One of the hardest things that one will encounter when coming to a new city is how to get around from attraction to attraction, or just making yourself around the city. By using HopStop you can plug in your starting and ending location and find the best route to getting to your location, with options including buses, trains, and more. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are stranded with no mode of transportation, and with this app, you are taken care of.

Kayak Have you ever decided to take a trip at the spur of the moment, letting yourself give into spontaneity. While this is extremely adventurous and exciting, you have to make sure that you have a place to stay. By using Kayak’s mobile app, you can search tons of sites at once for the best hotels and bed and breakfast’s to stay in an area. It is extremely easy to use, and allows you to enjoy being adventurous without the risk of being shelterless.

GateGuru There is nothing worse than being in between a flight and needing to grab a quick bite or grab some essential from one of the stores and not know where to go. By utilizing this app you can check the layout and venues in the airport you are arriving for quick knowledge of where you need to go. This way you can eat, grad a neck pillow, a new book, or anything else you need to take care of on the fly.

AroundMe Sometimes you want to grab a bite or go get a drink, but you don’t have a place picked out. By utilizing this app you can search numerous hot spots in your area including restaurants and bars. Results come up with the closest to you first, and it works with your map app or internet browser to give you exact directions. If you’re on foot, you can find the quickest walking directions as well.

Instagram Wildly growing in popularity, Instagram allows for you to take creative photographs of where you are and share them with your friends across mobile platforms. Make your friends jealous by showing them the view of the mountains or beautiful ocean sunset that they are missing out on, while also being able to easily document your trip.

With all of the aforementioned mobile apps, you are all set for your journey. You can make sure that you will find the best restaurants, entertainment, and transportation to get there. These are some of the most helpful and fun apps to use while you are out on the town in any city you find yourself.


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