Monday, July 30, 2012

Comparing Data Storage Methods for Your Business

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In light of the different file and data storage methods that are available to computer users, you should knowledgeably choose the proper storage type that suits your business the best. While no one option is perfect, you can mix different options in order to protect your files and data with the best possible protection. Data loss can become a hefty tragedy when it targets businesses and employees who rely heavily on their stored documents and files; therefore, it is important to protect it in every way possible.

Data Storage

Traditional Disk Storage

Disk storage has been the go to option of businesses and personal computer users for years. It provides security on a safe device that cannot be hacked or infected, unless you allow it to be. Unfortunately, this form of storage is not safe from natural disasters and theft. If something should happen to your home or business (should it be a fire, flood, or nosey thief), chances are your files will become lost permanently. Having a backup of your files is important in any case, so utilizing any backup method is better than none.

Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has become very popular, and it presents businesses with a cheap, effective, and safe storage option. Their security tends to be incredibly strong, and it gives businesses the benefit of having their files and important data stored in a remote location. It is ideal to choose a cloud provider that bases its servers in an area at least one hundred miles from your business. In the case of a natural disaster, your files will be safely stored far from the disaster. Cloud storage offers generous storage space at a lower price, and allows for several individuals and devices to access it when necessary.

Hybrid Storage

With a hybrid storage provider, you can receive not only cloud storage, but disc storage as well. The Egnyte HybridCloud is one of the best examples of this type of storage solution; with dual storage, you can receive protection from two different storage methods. Rather than having to pick two methods yourself, these are wrapped into one service. All you need to do is sign up with a provider. You get the benefit of impenetrable and offsite storage, with a secondary backup plan should their servers fail in an unlikely event. Since this is a cloud storage service provider, you can easily find a suitable storage allowance package that is affordable for your business.

Small, Mobile Storage Devices

If you do not intend to pay for larger storage devices or storage service providers, you could resort to smaller, inexpensive forms of storage. If there are a few very important documents that you are most concerned about, you can copy these files to a small flash drive or similar device and store it in a safe location. If these documents are highly secretive, you could place the storage device in a home or bank safe to keep the files out of undesirable hands in the future.


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