Thursday, July 05, 2012

How to choose a perfect mobile device

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Tips to buy a good cell phone

You know what time it is when you consider that a relatively inexpensive Smartphone as much or even more computationally expensive than a desktop computer ten years ago. Going on a hunt for the mobile solution that fits your lifestyle, let you lead the right arguments.

And realize that pure power is no longer the main criterion. Just because most laptops, Smart Phones and tablets on the surplus. What characteristics or important?

1. Weight

More you must move the device in question; the more weight plays a role. It almost sounds absurd, but even a few hundred grams could be too much. One tablet of 700 or 400, it shows you really like the thing always in your hand.
Not only is the weight of the device itself also important. Because what good is a lightweight laptop if the corresponding adapter weighs as much as a brick?

2. Dimensions

A laptop with 17 inch screen, perhaps as powerful as a desktop PC (and about the same weight), he is especially damn big. You will need to purchase a larger backpack.

3. Battery life

Is nearly black magic, the one railcar find where you can recharge your laptop? Even in our hyper mobile society can sometimes take a while before an outlet crosses your path. A tip: forget it that your laptop on a battery charge as long as maintains official stated. A bit of intensive use, since the autonomy by 20 to 50 percent.

4. Screen size

We write screen size, but actually, we should immediately "resolution" to add. The two simply are intimately related. Usually - but not always - a larger screen will show a higher resolution. Higher resolutions are usually better, because you have a bigger desktop for things to show.
But it must be remain comfortable. For example, some people do not find 15-inch 1,920 x 1,080 laptops that show that they find too small.

5. Keyboard

However much text or not? A crucial question you answer right direction depending on the laptop or Smartphone with keyboard drives.

6. Connectivity

Here you even need not doubt Wi-Fi is available on all mobile devices, Bluetooth signs usually also present. The question you should ask yourself is: do you really always online? In other words, you need 3G? While you're at it, also look in your portfolio and ask yourself: do I pay for it?

7. Buy

Okay, not everyone is guided by looks. But unlike a desktop PC that sits somewhere in a dark room snoring, you carry a mobile phone with you. You are therefore seen with. Think about when you go for that bright red laptop with a loud Italian marquee logo on the hood. Especially if he "vroom vroom" doing while it starts.


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