Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reasons to choose Twitter over any other social networking website

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When it comes to online social networking websites, a number of names pop up in the head. One such name with which millions of bloggers and social networking geeks can relate with is -Twitter. It is one of the biggest online social networking services recognized worldwide. It allows its users to ‘tweet’-text messages comprising of 140 characters, innumerable times.
Launched in July 2006, Twitter has become one of the leading social marketing tools among all its competitors. The essence of this pioneer online community lies in its simplicity. There are a number of other leading community-oriented online services available for the bloggers and net addicts such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace etc. Compared with other such online communities, Twitter is modernized, trouble-free and direct. Hence, it has 500 million users with around 1.6 billion searches every day. Unlike its competitors, Twitter has a number of advantages that adds to its credentials and separates it from its competitors in the market. Some of the probable reasons to select Twitter over other networking communities may include:

• Simple joining procedure

It hardly takes a minute to join Twitter community and create an account. One needs to register them with this networking site and then begin tweeting.

• Freedom of contact

When you are a member of the twitter community, you are free to contact anyone among the million subscribers. In this community, you can follow anyone and anyone can follow you. Compared with its leading competitor Facebook, in twitter one does not needs to be someone’s friend in order for them to see your recent posts and updates.

• Excellent automated service

By availing the services of HootSuite, any user can upgrade their tweets regularly, without logging in. In this way, one can stay active in this online web-community without spending too much time, unlike other networking sites where you need to be logged-in to update your profile.

• Apps and Widgets for free

Twitter offers a number apps and widgets which can be used in its feeds.

• New Website

If any member of the twitter community created a website, he/she can enjoy and take full advantage of the new online site. People can learn from such websites, adapt their creativity and put it into use. However, such facility is not available in most of the newly launched networking sites.

• News and Bloggers

Every minute update and news is posted in this online community by journalists from all around the world. Hence, it stands out as the perfect social networking site for bloggers to get extract information and gain extensively.

• Complain opportunity

Every member of the twitter community can register their complaint if in any case the service rendered by the service providers is not good and worthy. This gives the service providers a valid reason to improve and enhance their service in the near future.

• Promotion and Outreach

Twitter acts as a perfect promotion tool for a number of business organizations and entrepreneurs, since it has one of the largest online subscribers and members. Such promotion can be done via organizing events or propagating awareness about their particular brands and products.

Hence, it can be concluded that twitter account holders can access modern technology in a better way and can share and acquire information conveniently, in the simplest manner, unlike other online networking blogs.


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