Monday, July 23, 2012

Different Kinds of Social Networking Apps

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Social networking can be developed into a much fuller experience with the use of the right downloadable Apps. Apps are available for most of the major social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace; or they can be downloaded as complete new social networks entirely, such as the popular and well-designed Everyme – suited to close groups who don’t want the noise and chaos of a Facebook or MySpace.

Social Networking Apps

The ‘Facebook for Android’ App allows you to download that most popular social networking site onto an android device, and is available from It’s obviously one of the most popular Apps on the market. For anyone with an Android phone, the Google store Apps section is an important source for social networking tools. Twitter and LinkedIn are also available here for Android; alongside useful Apps like Tango Video Calls, which allows for free video calls.

If you have an iPhone you’ll find most of the most prevalent social networking Apps in the iTunes store App section. If you have an Android phone you need to visit the Google store to download your favourite apps.

An App can also be used to increase a given site’s capabilities from your mobile handset, or from your home laptop. Take Tweetdeck for example; an App designed primarily for Twitter but compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace amongst others. It allows you to manage your Twitter feeds in real time, and additionally lets you share files like videos and photos. Tweetdeck seems to be Twitter plus a bit more outside the normal site’s remit. The Actvities and Interactions section gives you a breakdown of new followers, and what kind of activity is going on based around your account – re-tweets, favourites etc.

Anyone with a new smartphone needs to be aware of where to get the best Apps from; whether it be independent sources or the channels such as iTunes (for iPhone) or Google store (for Android).


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