Thursday, July 19, 2012

The 5 Wilderness Survival iPhone Apps and Tools for Camping

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The fun in an adventure lies on how successful you are in taking on the risks and challenges you encounter. But without the right tools, there would be quite little chance for you to enjoy the experience.

You’d probably think that there’s no use for gadgets in the game of wilderness survival, but you’d better get introduced to the reality of this increasingly gadget-savvy world. You might just realize that everything you need for an adventurous camp could fit right into something so small, you could grab it with one hand: the iPhone. In this gadget, you can store valuable apps for different needs that can get you through the escapade, like Dora the Explorer with the Map and everything she needs in one smart little virtual “backpack”.

5 iPhone Apps for Wilderness Survival

Aside from the usual Map, Flashlight and Compass tools and apps that are usual camping must-haves, here are five useful iPhone apps and tools to prepare you for your next amazing adventure. Not to worry, because these are accessible even in areas with no network coverage or Internet connection, which is typical for camping sites.

1. For Hunting

If you are off not just to go camping but also to hunt animals, your best tool is an app that creates sounds scientifically proven to attract potential prey. In this case, the app Qwik Hunting Calls and Sounds can play a number of the most popular animal sounds useful for tricking and trapping your prey.

2. For Tracking Animals

Also to help you deal with animals in the wild, you can the MyNature Animal Tracks app, which provides information on tracking or identifying animals in the area. You can find photos and descriptions to recognize animal footprints, gait patterns, sounds, and many more. This can help you track your hunting prey or avoid dangerous animals that might be lurking nearby.

3. For Fishing

Even getting food is not easy when you are out in the wild. Oftentimes, the easiest method you can acquire food is by means of fishing. So to give you the tricks of knotting your fishing line appropriately, MyNature Fishing Knots features quick tutorials some of the most common knots used in fishing.

4. For Identifying Edible and Harmful Plants

In case you’re not up for killing animals, or if meat just seems hard to come by, you can always go for plants. The Wild Edibles app contains a lot of valuable information on plants that can harm you and plants that you can eat or use as medicine.

5. For First Aid

The American Red Cross developed this app to guide you through performing first-aid when the need arises. It contains comprehensive but easy-to-navigate procedures, safety tips, videos and other important things that can help you survive any injury at camp.

If you have more apps or survival experiences to share, feel free to post them in your comments below.


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