Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best CRM Software In The Market

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You would surely  have heard of  big gaint companies having happy customers and those companies fullfilling the need of the client and delivering on time, ever wondered why these companies are so successful and able to deliver what is expected?, well there’s no hiding in this highly advanced technology world. To some extent dedication towards your work matters but there some tools which help us simply our interaction between client and the backend developer, some of the tools include “Customer Relationship Management” software’s. With over 20+ softwares available in the market right now its important that you select the best in the bussiness which actuallt delivers what is promised. So for that very reason I'm today gonna review the best CRM software available in the market i.e “ZOHO CRM”

Zoho CRM helps and empowers companies to a fruitfull customer relationship management application which eventually helps in managing sales, Marketing, Help Desk and service. Though there are not much to talk about what exactly Zoho does, so lets get down to the feature that Zoho has to offer.

Features of Zoho

Features of Zoho
1} Automate

Rather then having an separate person to manage day to day routines of mailing your customers the reposrt, you can automate the process by setting up daily or weekly mails to the customer. This would help you save some quality time which could be utilized in someother way and also saving you money by not hiring an extra sales person to do the work.

2} Tracking of sales

Why would the customer hire the company if they are not getting positive result, so what you can do is you can try out different different things and check what works out and what doesn’t and eventually finalize that so and so marketing stratergy works good for your customer

3} Connecting with customer’s

This is the best part about CRM’s, because if at all you are not connnecting with the customer you are losing them, CRM have that facilities that you can directly interact with th customer on daily basis instead of mailing them of what you want to convey them.

4}Go Mobile

Go Mobile

World is going mobile and it is bound to happen that you as a company receive and urgent mail or call tha you customer whats some thing done urgently, but you don’t have your laptop with you. Don’t worry Zoho has this well covered up, as you can easily handle the stuffs that normally do on your PC event on mobile and also tablet’s J

4} Great Addon’s

Zoho Add Ons

No other CRM has so many addon then Zoho has, with support to Google apps, MS Outlook and also MS office you work is bound be become faster simpler and more time consuming. The google apps is the best thing that a CRM can have.

5} TRY before you buy


Well, I have discussed the point which I believe were important and which differentiates Zoho from other CRM platforms. Where as I did forget to tell you that you can also Try Zoho for free for upto 3 users whereas if you are satisfied with there product you can instantly upgrade to their premium service which hardly costs 12$ per user with added functionality like Marketing automation, Workflow automation to name a few.

Conclusion: Still undecided on which CRM to choose, well I bet you wouldn't get anything better then this.


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