Sunday, August 05, 2012

How Facebook Can Help You Make Money Online

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Nowadays it’s not just big business who have Facebook pages. Each online entrepreneur – no matter how small their business, has a Facebook page (or two). Facebook gets more than 100,000 new users a day, and most people who work online know the importance of Facebook pages for networking and advertising. But did you know you could earn money from these pages? And not only this, you can earn money just by having an active Facebook profile.  Here are some ways other online entrepreneurs are earning from Facebook..

Make Money Online From Facebook

You can sign up to sell your unused (or used) items on Facebook Marketplace. If you’re on the site anyway, why spend the time to go to other websites to sell this stuff. Friends in your area will see what you’ve advertised for sale and since it’s in their local vicinity, you stand a better chance of getting it sold.

Providing virtual service
Online entrepreneurs can usually work from anywhere in the world. If you’re an author, graphic designer, photographer etc, this can work very well for you on Facebook. Use your Facebook lists and add potential clients based on their groups and what they may need from you. For example writers may need book covers designed if you’re a graphic designer (etc). Facebook is one of the best ways of networking for clients. People you’ve been friends with are more likely to hire you to do work for them.

Facebook apps
Do you know how to make or market apps? You may be a businessman who’s great at marketing. You may not know how to develop an app, but you know someone who does. Even if you have to hire someone to develop an app for you (and you know how to pitch or market it well) your app could be making you thousands of dollars a week on Facebook.

Branchout may not be a direct way of making money on Facebook, but it’s a way in which you could get hired for jobs that fit your profile perfectly. Make sure you fill out a professional profile on Branchout. Upload your best, formal picture and add like-minded people to your network. With everything in place, your experience and qualification can land you the online job you’ve always wanted.

Advertise your page on Facebook
Once you’ve finished putting your page together, make your hard work reap the benefits for you. Sure, you’ll have to pay a little to advertise your page, but this means you’ll be reaching thousands of people worldwide, people you would’ve never been able to contact otherwise. Flush this traffic to your page, and onto your blog. Once your new readers get there, you’ll do what you do best. The important thing is getting carefully targeted readers to your blog – something your Facebook page does for your business and your brand (better than any other device).

Just a few things to note with a Facebook page:

Once thirty people like your page you’ll be shown insights. Use this information to see what type of people are liking your page, what kinds of posts or pictures get more interest or comments etc. This is a really useful element of each Facebook page – and it’s completely free so use it to the fullest.

Are you making money on Facebook? Are you using any of these ways to do it?


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