Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How To Get Your Phone Verified Online?

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Often it has been seen that people hack into email accounts and seek into classified information and details. Hence, an alarm to warn the occurrence of such frauds is imperative. People often use a number of high tech security panels and codes to prevent such fraudulent activities, but most of such efforts turn in vain when the counterfeit is still conducted. One of the easiest and safe procedures for complete authentic prevention of such acts is Online Phone Verification. Whenever any fraud is in progress, an alert or a warning sign on your phone will signal you that your particular email id, social security number or bank account no. is being compromised.
One of the best online phone verification software that is available in the market and which is trusted by a number of satisfied customers all over the world is TeleSign. For amateurs, TeleSign is considered to be one of the most effective, less-complicated and impactful online phone verification tools to prevent online fraud.  With this technology, organizations can restrict all kinds of frauds, minimize the cost of production, enhance the efficiency and at the same time prevent the essence of the brand and its customers. 
This is done by confirming with the users via one of the most available technology of the planet-mobile phones.

Advantages of TeleSign

This online tool has a number of advantages which makes it a preferable choice among all those who seek online phone verification to protect their important data from falling in the wrong hands. Such advantages include:

Protect eCommerce

TeleSign operational efficiency and intelligence along with its mechanical verifications tools assist the merchants to analyze any kind of fraud made during online purchase and minimize their operational expenses. It secures and prevents online business transactions all around the world.

Authenticate businesses

Online properties find it quite difficult to confirm the authentication of the organizations without facing problems with their security. TeleSign employs an efficient, less expensive and real time procedure to confirm the business which causes low operational cost and an excellent user experience.

Protect Bulk Registrations

One of the common reasons because of which online security gets compromised is due to spam and bulk registrations. It augments the operation expenses of online business and implicit major pressure on the brand reputation. With the use of TeleSign products, the cost minimizes, brand integrity gets secured and efficiency is enhanced to a great extent.


Online theft is common these days and is increasing with each second. In order to prevent from such fraudulent activities and lose our essential data, online phone verification is a must. Seeing the market reputation, TeleSign can be regarded as the best in the business with a number of satisfied customers all over the world.


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