Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 Best iPhone Apps for Webmasters

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Do you have a website? Are you a webmaster? Why not make real use of your iPhone with a few great apps to help you keep tabs on your websites? There are a lot of very good apps out there that allow you to check up on your website with ease. In this day and age, being at a computer all day is a little restrictive. Being able to check up on your website whilst you are on the go is the great benefit that iPhone apps provide.


Here are five of the best ones:

SEO Pro Lite

SEO Pro Lite is the free version of the SEO Pro app. It allows webmasters to keep track of all of their SEO metrics by pulling the information from some of the most powerful metric software on the planet. These are Google's PageRank, Yahoo's Inlinks, Alexa Rank and Compete. The app does not measure the metrics. It simply collects information from your metric recording accounts with the metric recording software.


The SiteCatalyst app is a great way of checking up on your customers' behavior. You can see where your traffic is clicking, and what they are looking at prior to making a purchase. It has a real-time function, so that you can pull up information on your website as it happens. It is great for creating online strategies and marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is part of the Google webmaster's package. It is free and provides almost every service a webmaster needs. Since it is such a powerful tool, Google has also created an access app. You may now access your analytical data from your phone - great for checking your real-time metrics. For example, during your lunch hour you may check how many people are looking at your website. You are able to see if you get a sudden influx of traffic during the most common lunch time periods. You may check the results in real-time on your phone so that you do not need to stay at your desk and work; you are able to go out for lunch. As with the website version, you are also allowed to access the information from many domains, and access any information on your blogs.


iAdsense is an app that allows tracking of adsense earnings. If your website or blog is keyed towards earning from adverts, then this is the app for you. You are able to keep a check on the money you are making, without ever having to sit at your computer. You can also check your click through rates, and access statistics on how much money you make week on week, and month on month.


The Serps app will create rank reports of whichever domains you program into it. That way you can check how well your website is doing, compared to your competitors. You can search on a keyword-to-keyword basis, so you can see specifically where you need to improve your website, in order to climb higher in the search engine ranking results.


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