Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Android or iPhone which is better to play

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For members of the older post-war generation the shift in attitude towards games came when they stopped seeing them as seedy, dangerous places to hang out and realized that a trip to play the games was fun, sociable and potentially a nice little way to enjoy. For members of the current generation our shift in attitude came in accepting that you no longer even had to go into a physical gaming zone to play your favourite games. These days mobile gaming apps or gaming sites can provide all the entertainment you need; right there at your fingertips whenever you want it. However as most of us in the smartphone community are neatly divided between iPhone users and those using Android-supporting handsets; the question predictably arises which is the better handset for playing my favorite games?


This question can be answered in numerous different ways, but for those who have a particular favourite game – what will be at the forefront of their minds is whether their mobile gaming experience will be limited simply because of the platform they are using. Good news, in almost all cases, at least when judging the major mobile gaming operators the answer is no, although there might be some variation in specifics. For example, looking at the online gaming sites on either iPhone or Android you've got a range of games, and while some of these games are the same there are some that do not appear on both.

This is common across other gaming providers too – the favorites are always there, whether iPhone or Android, but you might see some difference in the details of the layout, graphics and themes – who can’t live with that?


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