Monday, September 03, 2012

Which Internet Connection Provider is Best for Online Gaming?

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Internet connection speeds have come a long way in the last few years. A typical household can expect to get speeds of up to 8 MB per second. Compare this to ten years ago when 1 MB per second was the fastest and it's easy to see that we are advancing in technology beyond our comprehension.

If you like to play games online and you want to find out which is the best internet connection provider how would you go about it? There are a few simple ways and here are just a few pointers to help you decide.

Internet Connection Provider

1. Figure out how much you're actually going to be playing. It's no good getting an unlimited internet connection and paying for that privilege if you're only going to play for 10 minutes a day. Unlimited data plans are more common than capped plans nowadays, but the amount you can access comes with its own high price.

2. See what the offers are from the various companies. Some do a group deal where you are able to get line rental, phone and internet under one offer. Others add in a television package on top. See what it is you want and try to match it with what's on offer. Again it's no good getting something you're not going to use.

3. Ensure that you can get the speeds that are advertised. Most sites carry a signal map - showing where the signal is stronger and weaker - much like you would see for mobile phone coverage. If you are paying for a 20 GB connection but only ever receive 5GB a second see if you can change for the lower package. Don't pay for something that you aren't receiving.


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