Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 Ways to Save on Tech Purchases

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In today’s economy, people are learning the value of clipping coupons, but what are you going to do when you need to save money on a large purchase, like a new computer or table? Can you find coupons for these items as well? The answer is yes! There are ways to save on tech, including these five options.

1. Use coupons

People often fail to save on their tech purchases because they don’t know they can use coupons to purchase items. No, you aren't going to find a $200-off-an-iPad coupon in your Sunday circular, but you can use coupons for retailers to save money on the purchase of the tech on your list. When shopping online, a promo code can help you save quite a bit. Even just 10 percent off of your purchase can add up to substantial savings when you are purchasing tech.

If you know where you want to look for the product you have in mind, search for the retailer and “coupons” to find coupon codes. Keep in mind some gadgets may be excluded from coupon codes, so always read the fine print. With some creative searching, you can probably find a discount for the item you want to buy.

2. Buy refurbished

Do you want an Apple, but don’t like the price? A pre-owned item may be a good choice. Buying used tech directly from the owner is not always a good idea if you want a reliable computer or tablet. However, buying refurbished tech is an excellent idea. Today’s refurbished products are in like-new condition, but with a much lower price tag. When refurbished by the manufacturer, you may be able to buy warranties just as you would with new products. By buying a refurbished piece of tech, you can save hundreds while still enjoying the benefit of the latest gadgets.

3. Check the clearance rack

Technology is constantly changing, but rarely do manufacturers change things so drastically that last year’s model is not effective. Check the clearance rack or website to find big savings. When a manufacturer launches a new model, the price on the old one may drop. If you can let go of the bells and whistles of the most current model, you may be able to save quite a bit.

4. Use Google

Google can help for more than just searching for coupons. Consider signing up for Google Alerts for the product you want. Add “deals” or “coupons” to see deals as they come available. Google will send you a daily email with the new sites that offer the deals and coupons for the item you are looking for, if any exist. Take a couple of weeks before you make your purchase to monitor the deals that pop up and you may find something great.

5. Daily deals

Daily deals often include technology products. If you search for daily deals on the item you want, you may be able to find a surprising discount. Daily deals can be on new or refurbished items, depending on the site and the amount of the discount. These work well if you are shopping for a tech item but have some time to wait for the right deal before making your purchase.

Technology is expensive, but it's not something we can live without. The good news is there are ways to save. By getting a little creative, using the Internet to your advantage and being patient, you can find great deals on tech. If you know that a tech purchase is coming up, start looking now for the best deals.


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