Monday, October 01, 2012 Merging Your Social Life on One Platform!

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My Life is a site which vows to connect everyone. All in one place. So, in My Life, you have to connect your social networking websites and email accounts to the My Life account and well, then you can have everything at one platform. This will add up as a relief to you and your social life. You wouldn't be needing multiple tabs open for accessing all your social accounts. In this post, we review this amazing site and give you reasons for why you should use My Life to merge all your social sites and access it from a single platform. Read on!

As I told above, MyLife.Com merges your social accounts on a single screen. It creates rows of different services. For example, if you add two accounts, perhaps a Gmail or a Facebook account, the screen will be divided in two and you can access Gmail from the left side and Facebook from the right side.
It is good that My Life not only allows you to check your inbox or check your news feed, but also reply to messages or send messages to people simply from the two columns. Well, the main thing is that My Life would not want you to leave that page where you can manage your social accounts. That is why it is filled up that page with amazing features which keep you attracted towards My Life and try to make sure that you don’t leave the site.

So well, the user interface is clean and quite cool but on the other side, the UI does not fully fit in smaller screens and the page is needed to be zoomed out in order to fully view the page. I tried this site on my netbook and computer. My netbook has a 10 inch screen and the computer has a 23 inch screen. Where it was totally visible in the computer but it is not optimized well for the netbook’s smaller screen. That is one place where it lacks and shouldn't have lacked.

Final Opinion

My Life is a good site with a very good user interface which improves the user experience and makes it all better. If you are using a PC with a larger screen, you will have no problems whatsoever when accessing the site but the site may seem bigger when using on a PC with smaller screen. If we ignore that issue, My Life seems perfect with many certain features to keep you attracted towards it. My Life is a must try no matter whether you are going to be a regular user or not. You can check out a video on My Life to have a better view about the site.

Give it a try and you may become a regular user of the site.


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