Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best Antiviruses of 2012

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Your important data and documents saved in your computer might be a victim of spam anytime. With the growing number of Trojan, viruses and other malwares the data in your computer is not safe anymore unless you take proper protective measures. Internet is one of the major sources of viruses. Spam in the form of emails and messages can creep into your computer and turn your important data into history. Installing anti viruses can be an effective method of keeping your data protected. It blocks spam and malwares on the computer and also blocks you from going on any website that may prove to be a potential threat.
Some of the best Anti viruses for your computer are:


This antivirus holds the top position when it comes to protecting your computer from harmful viruses. It brings you the security that is well suited for the computer techies as well as the amateurs. Kaspersky will provide you every type of computer security that you can hope for. The antivirus data base gets updated automatically to keep your pc protected from the latest types of threat. If offers very good internet protection, phishing and takes care of any detected problem with ease.


BitDefender is another great antivirus that protects your computer from any kind of threats or viruses. It comes as a complete package which does all the work so that you can do your work in peace without worrying about any threats to your computer. While there are some websites which contains viruses, even seemingly harmless websites such as YouTube can prove harmful while streaming. Thus BitDefender offers scanning of stream, registry files P2P files to give you the ultimate protection. It is heavy when it comes to memory because it demands high hardware requirements to work effectively. The data base also gets updated hourly.

Norton Antivirus

Norton is a one name that all pc computer users are aware of. It is the most well known and best antivirus of all time. Norton Antivirus has taken computer security to a new level with the features and protection it provides. The simple user interface along with the fast and easy access is what makes Norton so popular. Even though this antivirus lacks features such as P2P file sharing and registry files scanning, it offers many great features like security even when you are chatting with your friend. Another amazing feature this antivirus provides is the Silent Mode. This allows the user to put the antivirus in silent mode so that the user does not get disturbed by any notifications and it will take care of the problem by itself. It is the ultimate choice if you want good internet protection.


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