Monday, October 29, 2012

Features of Good Recruiting Software

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Human resource (HR) departments usually have a huge task of recruiting new employees in an organization. This process can be made simpler with recruiting software. This software program enables the HR department to manage its functions and the employees in the organization. The recruiters are usually spared from the hassles of hiring new employees. Recruiting software is also advantageous; since it saves time and costs associated with the recruitment process. Most importantly, the software enables the organization to hire the right people according to the requirements of the vacancies.

The type of recruitment software normally varies in line with different preferences of various HR departments. This diversity is a welcome situation since these organizations can obtain the right software that suits their needs. Many companies specialize in different recruitment software that enhances the administrative tasks of such HR departments.

Characteristics of good recruitment software

While scouring the market for a recruitment software, it is inevitable that organizations will go for the best. On paper, this may seem like a walk in the park—in contrast, it could be an uphill task. Recruiting agencies and HR departments should keep their eyes peeled for certain tell-tale signs. These are the features that characterize good recruiting software: 

Creation of job application

Good recruitment software should allow organizations to make job applications across multiple platforms. This way, the recruiters do not have to browse through all the applications one by one. Additionally, some of the software programs in this regard enable the organization to tailor the application forms according to their wishes. For instance, they can attach scoring systems and any questions that would be targeting the applicants.


It is easy to tell that the software is a suitable recruitment software by looking at its flexibility. This means that it must be adaptable to the organization’s needs. Many companies have been forced to change their way of doing things to accommodate the recruitment software. This is unconventional, since these changes may interfere with their activities in the market. Good recruiting software fits seamlessly into the organization and takes little time to rear its maximum benefits.

Ease of use

These software programs are meant to save both time and cost. Hence, it defies logic that a HR department would have a hard time using them. If it automates the administration tasks in the organization, then this is a sign that the software is valuable to the organization. This way, recruiters can look forward to saving time when hiring new employees.

Consistent support and upgrades

The recruitment software must have the option of upgrades and support. This feature enables organizations to plan for the future of their HR functions. Many firms that produce such software normally provide these support services to their clients. For instance, a company like Jobvite ( has a support system to help its clients get the most out of their recruitment software. Upgrades imply that the software is efficient enough to keep with developments in communication and technology.

HR departments that invest in the right recruitment software will definitely witness an increase in their return on investments. Since recruitment is an integral process of every company, there should be no middle ground when it comes to finding good recruitment software. These features are the parameters that define the right software program.


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