Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Learning About the Power of a Positive Online Reputation

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A company that enjoys a positive reputation in the real world may still possess a tarnished image online. Gone are the days when good word of mouth was enough to cement a company’s good image in the public mind. Now that the Internet has become such a prevalent tool for the business world, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to manage how they look in the cyber world.

It’s difficult to believe, but even one dissatisfied customer has the power to virtually destroy a business’ reputation. With just an Internet enabled computer, that one customer can build negative websites, write negative blog entries and defame a company’s name on various message boards. Before the business is even aware that it is happening, their online image has taken a major hit, and thousands or even millions of potential customers are seeing it every day.

Positive Online Reputation

At this point, the company is in serious need of online image help. It is possible for the company to improve and maintain its online reputation in house, but an increasing number of businesses are turning to outside organizations to help put a new spin on their online image. The advantage of hiring a reputation management company is that their employees are experts at developing positive online reputations for businesses that operate in an endless variety of industries. They understand the importance of being proactive and of meeting head on the challenges of effectively dealing with negative reviews online.

When a company finds that they need online image help, it’s important to act quickly. Whether the company decides to take on the task themselves or to hire someone else to manage it, it’s usually advisable to take an approach that confronts the issue from several sides. For instance, they might start a blog on their proprietary website that casts a positive light on their achievements. 

They might revamp the company website so that it possesses richer keyword content. It also makes sense to contact the customer or customers who are posting the negative mentions about the company online. This is a great opportunity for the company to turn an unhappy customer into an ecstatic one and then brag about the switch online. Suddenly, potential customers will see how much the company values their customers and they’ll want to gain the same benefits. That is the power of a positive online reputation.


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