Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Top 5 Office Apps for Android

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Smartphones are really proving helpful these days. Now they are not only used for making or receiving calls; but also for browsing, video calling, playing games and other stuff. You can carry out your whole day's activities using the apps on your smartphone. You can even manage your documents and other important stuff related to your office work by using the apps available.

Android Apps

So here are the top 5 office suite apps that will help you manage the documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

1. DropBox

Now you don't need to carry around your laptop or even a USB with you. With DropBox, you can easily access your files from anywhere. All you need is a DropBox account, which is free to create, and move all your files there. This will give you access to all the important data you need from anywhere in the world.

You can save photos, documents, presentations and other files on your DropBox account and you can also share them with your friends with a couple of taps.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is a must have office suite app for all android users. It has a lot of features which helps you to take care of your office work even when you are not in your office. With Google Docs, you can view and edit texts, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations and even PDFs that are stored on your Google Docs account.

You can make changes to files and you can upload it and convert it to Google Docs format so that the sharing is made simpler.

3. QuickOffice Pro

This is one of the best apps that you can use to carry all you documents and files. Every person would recommend this, but the only problem is that it's not a free one. Though it's not free, but it’s the best. The app is powered with lots of features that will help you do your tasks easily and efficiently. It allows you to create, edit and even share Microsoft
Office files.

QuickOffice Pro also helps you to load your documents that are stored on DropBox, Google Docs, Box.net or SugarSync.

4. Vlingo

Vlingo is another free office suite app for android users. It’s like a personal assistant.
It helps you do your tasks easily and efficiently. You can easily send text mails or SMS on your voice commands. Also it will help you find the local restaurants and shops and other businesses.

Its much like a personal assistant, all you need to do is give a voice command and it starts functioning and does the work easily.

5. SugarSync

This is yet another free office suite app that can backup all your files on Cloud Storage, giving you easy access to them anytime and anywhere. With Sugarsync, you get free loud backup that you can use to sync files easily, share them and access them directly from your Android device.

You can signup to Sugarsync, as it is free, and you get an online storage of 5GB free.

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