Friday, November 30, 2012

Sell & Buy Stuff on

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The eCommerce is no longer restricted to the limited nations, they are finding a strong foothold in emerging economies which makes them greater. Its a fact that the entry barrier is low which it allows an average user to post an ad for free on their website and grab the offers that are available. One of the Top website is Internet Platform is booming and online classified websites have turned a sensation on the world wide internet network.

OLX has made a good reputation globally and has been a acclaimed company, Its originally based in New York (USA) and Buenos Aires, Argentina. OLX india has a strong presence in more than 40 countries and caters to customers in major languages spoken in six continents. The free classified website ventured into India back in 2006. After creating a strong platform for the first five years the company aired its first set of television commercials in June 2011 with the tagline ‘Bech De’. Olx India aims to provide a fast and easy platform to its vendors to sell their goods and also purchase goods put on sale by other users.
OLX India has identified television as a good medium for India classifieds to target massive number of the potential Indian customers. The Television Ads states “Yaha Sab Kuch Bikta Hai” which means Everything Sells Here these series of commercials focus on the aspiring Indian urban middle class with a lot of aspiration to add value to their lives. The TV ads are unlike many of its competitors, the commercial advertisements have instantly struck chord with the Indian audience adding to the popularity of the free ads in Bangalore online classified site.
Some TV advertisement are funny. for an example the one where the sons want to sell their desktop while their father remembers writing emails to his wife using the same desktop. Memories give way to a worthy offer and the signature ‘Bech De’ which means Sell It!. There are many other too. Here are a few which i have managed to add do have a look. isn’t only a place to sell, but also a great place to buy goods and this advertisement highlights this part of OLX. in some TV ads you can see a family getting rid of old household items to get a baby cot and accessories for the new member.
OLX’s advertising campaigns in India has become a sensation on the national television. How much will they contribute to its sales and profit is something which only time will tell. The free classified company seems to be on the right track with its Indian consumers delivering what they promise..

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