Friday, November 16, 2012

Top 10 Sites For Online Car Reviews

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Online car reviews help save you time by giving you a peek into the pros and cons of every vehicle on your list, helping you narrow down your choices before heading to the showroom. Dozens of car review websites exist, but some stand out among the rest, offering thorough listings and detailed reviews. These ten websites offer a variety of useful reviews, some by staff writers, others by car owners, each providing a wide catalog of vehicles and a diverse library of information.

Car and Driver is an independent automotive review website that offers free reviews, as well as buyers' guides, vehicle information, and news and feature pieces on the latest auto information, providing the level of detail that makes it one of the best auto review websites around.

Motor Trend is a mega-automotive review website, offering reviews of both new and used vehicles, as well as a forum for users to talk about cars. You can ask current owners about their vehicles, and look over road tests.

Jalopnik is a Gawker Media blog that focuses on the car industry and automobiles. Among posts about the auto industry and current car-related news, you'll find useful reviews that detail the things car owners want to know in a conversational, fun, and knowledgeable way.

Automobile Magazine offers a section devoted exclusively to car reviews, as well as a variety of tests, such as four-season car tests and road tests, all of which provide essential information about vehicles. Car reviews can be found based on make and model, or by year, body type, and class.

The Smoking Tire is a sort of all-purpose car website, operating blog style with a host of different features, including commentary on vehicle and automotive industry news. In addition to the smattering of blog posts are some pretty helpful reviews, however, detailing the latest and greatest vehicles in helpful ways. This mixture of commentary, news, and detailed reviews makes it an ideal one-stop web location for automotive reviews and a bit of fun on the side.

Car Connection is a sleek, clean website that offers hundreds of car reviews on many different vehicles. You can sort by make and model, as well as class, category, and brand. All reviews are written by professionals, and include vehicle specifications, photos, and itemized ratings based on specific categories, such as safety.

Motor Mouths provides a list of the best-reviewed cars, as well as allowing users to search and find reviews for any car they're considering purchasing. Motor Mouths doesn't review cars itself, instead aggregating reviews from other places on the web while providing small snippets of information, such as star ratings and brief review summaries, providing an excellent method for locating a lot of reviews with little effort. provides a variety of resources for car owners, including reviews and research information. Users can sort by make, model, and year for both new and used cars, and see a variety of information, including pros, cons, and everything in between.

Car Survey is a bit unique amongst these other listings. Unlike many review websites, Car Survey provides user-submitted reviews. You can find reviews for nearly any vehicle in existence by people who have owned them, providing real-world information that has often been gleaned over the course of years of ownership. Often times, a vehicle will have over 100 reviews, providing ample information to read over.

While What Car is a British website, you can find on it reviews for both US and British cars, available for search by make, model, and year. Each review includes a star rating, as well as the typical price range for the vehicle. The large catalog of vehicle reviews it offers makes What Car one of the best review websites around.


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