Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to Make Conference Phone Calls More Effective?

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Whether you like conference calls or hate it, but the fact is conference calls are as important as emails and other ways of online communication. If you can’t meet face to face or arrange video conferencing, the conference call is next best thing to do. But just as with emails and instant messaging, people don’t always agree to use them as effectively as possible.

If you really knows the tricks to use conference calls, or teleconferencing then it’s very effective tools for team communication.  Teleconferences connects people from all around world without the cost of domestic or international travel, which is one of greatest plus point of phone conferencing because it helps us to save the money and time.

But the real problem is how to use phone conferencing to its full extent and get as much as profit is possible.
Here are some tips for your next phone conferencing whether you’re the leader of the call or just a participant. And share your own ideas to make phone conferencing worthwhile with us.

Get the dial-in:
If you’re the leader of the call then it’s your primary job to make it easy on the people calling in by setting up a dial-in or otherwise getting everyone together on the phone. If you work for a company then I’m sure your company has already chosen the conference calling services for you to use. Otherwise, you can use a variety of free phone conferencing or paid like,, or etc…

These services or others like them enables you to set up phone conferencing for free as well as paid.  It depends on you and your needs which one you choose free phone conferencing or paid.

Get familiar with system:
Most of time people mess the conference because they don’t know how to use the audio and phone system properly, so make sure you make yourself familiar with the system you are planning to use for phone conferencing.  If you do that then you’ll able to make conference smoother than you imagine.

Set up the recorder:
If you want to point out your mistake or want to see how well you handle the conference then the best option is to record the conference. By recording it you able to keep track on what was decided in conference and at the same time you can handover it to absent participant to review the call so they don’t lack behind.

Time of your conference:
Time is most precious thing in whole world because you can never have it more, that’s the reason why people say, “Time is the currency of 21st century.”  And I’m quite agree with that. In real, time is money, the more precisely you use your time the better results you get, same goes to your phone conference.

Try to schedule your phone conference at a time that is convenient to all global participants. If you wish to make it more effective and worldwide then time is one of certain factor to take into account so set it very carefully if you don’t want to lose the participants.

Set of rules:
Try to prepare set of rules for participant to make your phone conferencing more effective and focused. Rules like, avoiding any distraction, participate form quiet location, avoid putting other callers on hold, respect all other callers, avoid using cell phones, and lots of other rules which you think will lead your conference in right direction you desire.

Backup plan:
Make sure you’ve your back plan for your conference in case of any sudden technology failure. We can’t depend on technology completely so it’s good to have a backup plan before anything happens.

Ask For Introduction:
Begin by asking the participants to introduce themselves, stating their work background and their location.  Finally, introduce yourself by telling as much as you can share with your attendees. And then summarize all the points of your meeting when you start.

Stay Focused:
The key of successful conference call is staying focused on the main point throughout the whole conference. If you lose your focus then you are smart enough to imagine what will happen to your conference.  Try to speak in English clearly and use simple words for making yourself easy to understand and memorize.

If you want to make your next conference phone calls successful then make sure you put all these points on test to see how they work for you. And please share your tips if you have any which you think will help people for making more effective conference phone calls.


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