Tuesday, December 25, 2012

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

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Apple and Samsung are both top names in mobile phone technology. Even though they have had their disagreements of late, both companies have produced some of the best contract phones for consumers. Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, and Apple’s little darling, the iPhone 5, have been appealing choices for consumers. However, many are perplexed as to which phone they should actually buy.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3
The phones are different in their size. The iPhone 5 feels much lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is a notable differences and a reason why some prefer the iPhone 5 over the Galaxy S3. In regards to the size of the display, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is considerably larger. This makes the Galaxy S3 a better choice for browsing the internet.  

Gaming is a common use for mobile phones today and something owners of either the Galaxy S3 or iPhone5 will more than likely want to use their phones for. For gaming, the iPhone 5 is the better of the two phones. There are more games available for download to the iPhone 5 than the Samsung Galaxy S3. 

The designs of the two phones do vary. The iPhone 5 is a bit thinner measuring in a 7.6 mm in comparison to the 8.6 mm of the Samsung Galaxy S3.  The iPhone 5 is a full millimeter thinner than the Galaxy S3. In order to make their phone thinner, Apple has taken several measures. For instance, the rear layer of glass has been removed. The layers present with the iPhone 5 have been merged together to create a slimmer design. The iPhone 5’s case is made of metal, specifically aluminum and the battery is unable to be removed from the device. Whereas a plastic casing is used for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the battery can be removed.


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