Friday, December 07, 2012

Powerful Computing Setups and How They Can Increase your Business’ Productivity

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Running a business can be overwhelming at times. But with the right computer system, you can save time while increasing productivity. Of course, computing systems are not on-size-fits-all. In order to maximize efficiency, you will need to make sure you select the right system for your office. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a business computing system.

Step 1: Consider Your Line of Work

Some computing systems are better suited to some businesses than others. For example, if your company specialises in media, such as graphic design or video production, then you’ll need a system with standalone graphics cards that can support this type of work. If, however, you’re doing general office work, then you won’t need anything besides the graphics card connected to the motherboard.

Step 2: Think About Memory

At the same time, consider how much memory you’ll need. Most computers for general office work should be sufficient with one or two gigabytes of random access memory, but other industries may require more. You can always add more memory later, but the labor needed to install it will add to the cost.

Step 3: Get the Right Hard Drive

Similarly, you will want a system that will accommodate the work you do. If you will be using large amounts of data, then a bigger hard drive, of 250 GB or more, may be necessary.

Step 4: Networking Abilities

Faster networking speeds are more efficient and also eliminate the need for excess hardware like printers scattered around the office. Look for computers that come with networking cards that will support at least a gigabyte of speed, which will be an investment in future growth and efficiency.

Step 5: What About Software?

You’ll want to make sure that you have the right software for your employees to accomplish their work to the best of their abilities. Be familiar with your industry’s software and make sure you buy a computing system that can support it. Or, buy the Office Suite versions of the software you need, which tends to run cheaper and may include extra programs you can use.

Other Things to Consider

Once you have an idea of components you want in your computing system, you may be wondering “Mac or PC?” Fans have been arguing back and forth for years about which system is better, and both sides provide valid points. For your business, it will depend on the type of work you do, your familiarity with one system over another, and how much you are willing to spend.

You may also want to consider other things, like whether the system can support time-wasters like strategy games pc, or if you want to be able to monitor your employees’ Internet browsing.

Whatever you decide, the right system can make a world of difference for your business. With just a few carefully thought out decisions, you can make sure you maximize your business potential.


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