Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Select Best Apps in Android Market

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Android which is itself an open source has a large community of developers writing applications (apps) that extend the functionality of devices. The first thing which would come to your mind in case you own an Android phone or tablet will be loading apps. But what is best for other may not suit your needs but more or less once you are clear what you are looking for you will be surely able to pick the gems from the Android app market.

There will be some points to ponder before you start downloading apps for your Android device. I know many of you are busy somewhere else and hence this article will save lot of time and effort in case you want to select best apps in Android market. Let us have a look.

Know your phone

Any app you will download on your phone will need a certain amount of memory and space so make sure your phone provide that to run the app smoothly. The screen size can be important in some apps where display size is crucial.

Need and preferences

Sort out your interests and needs like what you would like to accomplish using the app. As a business user you may also need some secure environment and better networking. If you love gaming, speed and resolution might be more important than any other case. Music and movie lovers will prefer easy and fast downloads with clarity of sounds. Crux is you should be clear in your head about your needs. You have also to check whether you want to buy paid android apps or free ones available in the market.


Though many apps with decent functionality come for free but in case you need more features you may prefer the paid versions.


One thing good about internet is sharing; people use stuff and comment on those which can be great help to other potential users. Read as much as you can about the app once you have shortlisted the apps. What others say about the app will give you confidence and it will help you in further shortlisting as well. For latest app read what experts say about it. Join Android community.

Sites to search

Now when you now your needs you can go ahead and search the internet. There are several sites from where you can download the apps you want. On google play store– Apps are sorted by Top Charts and categories. Top Charts includes Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, and Top new paid and top new Free. You will see staff picks and trending apps here to know the trend in the market. In case you are interested in fresh games and Android apps, Android Informer will bring those at your doorstep.

One more thing, Compatibility with third party peripherals is also important in some apps. Finally, make a list of those apps without which you can’t survive. Keep those in mind, try and test before making a final call.


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