Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 5 Softwares For A Small Business Owner

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Undoubtedly, the loss of customers can put a small business owner in jeopardy. In these modern days, there are various kinds of technologies which help the small businesses in enhancing their competitive benefits in a range of areas.

1. Microsoft Office 2010

New MS Office 2010 set of applications contains Word, Visio, SharePoint Workspace, Publisher, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Lync, InfoPath, Excel and Access. All these applications are available to buy separately or like a part of a personalised product suite: Starter, Standard, Office for Mac, Professional Plus, Professional Academic, Professional or Home and Student. Microsoft has some options of server application available also: Office Communication Server, Project Server, Groove Server, Exchange Server and SharePoint Server. Applications of Microsoft enable you to produce or generate your workflow diagram, online forms for website, documents, electronic presentations, electronic publication and professional looking print or your own databases. Business owners can also use these applications to send or receive emails, remain in touch with associates and remote employees, VIP contact information and collect client, and maintain a calendar of appointments.

2. Skype

Skype conducts regular conference calls and enables the business to perform video conferencing for free of charge over the internet. This software allows your business to set immediate message, instant message, start a call and send files with a single button. This system is also a great instrument for small business that makes a lot of remote teamwork, national or international. A good alternative for Skype which is really popular these days is Whatsapp which more and more people are using on their smartphones, their PCs as well as tablets, laptops and Macs.

3. Microsoft Office Communicator

This is the best option for various small businesses that hugely communicate with remote team members or subcontractors. This application enables you to teleconference remotely as well send and receice instant messages. One can adjust or manage their instant message status to be specific or general.  They can set their status by using their outlook calendar. This system can be utilised outside of your business with Yahoo, AOL, MSN and MS Window Live. The MS Office Communicator enables you to manage the viewer access level and to personalise the settings of your location to determine your actual position (at mobile, home or office).  The features of contact management enable you to enhance groups of your corporate distribution to your list of contacts with single button. You can also access contact lists using IP Phone, mobile and desktop. The option to instantly conference is the best part of this program during phone conversion and instant messaging.

4. Quicken Home and Business

Various owners of small business could do various things for escaping balancing their books. Quicken software is the best solution for this problem. This is comparable to Peartree and Sage and easy to use without requiring any advance training. This program follows your account balances, due dates, unpaid invoices, showing paid and invoices. Quicken Home and Business provides the ability to review your salary, track expenses and monitor your finances.

5. Efax

Efax application is best for home or small businesses. This program enables you to send and receive various kinds of faxes as email attachments.

These programs can prove to be quite helpful for small businesses.


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