Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Small Business Owners Are Adding Satellite to Their Business Plan

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T.V. isn't just for entertainment anymore. Businesses are getting in on the action too. For years, satellite T.V. has been poaching cable customers and winning on all fronts - improved reliability, expansive channel offerings, better customer service, and lower pricing. Can your business benefit from satellite television? You might be surprised.
Financial Advisers
Financial planners often have clients waiting for service. Finance isn't exactly the most exciting thing for clients, but T.V. can fill in where advisers can't. By switching to satellite, many advisers have found that clients remain entertained while waiting to be seen and they can be put at ease before walking into a room with lots of expensive-looking chairs and desks. Suddenly, going to see an adviser isn't so intimidating. It's more like visiting a friend who always has something good on T.V.
Savvy investors also benefit since satellite can capture global news channels - keeping investors informed about emerging markets and giving them several different perspectives on the financial markets.
Getting your nails done is pretty boring, but having T.V. on while you're getting a mani-pedi makes the experience a whole lot more exciting. Your customers will think so too. If you run a small salon, did you know your competitors are probably wooing your customers with entertainment in addition to fabulous nails? They are, and it's not costing them very much.
Bars and T.V. go together like peanut butter and jelly. A favorite of many bars is the sports channel. The problem is: what if there's no game on? Well, with satellite, the odds of that happening are slim to none. Satellite can pipe in sports from all over the country, making it virtually impossible to miss a game. This can translate into a packed bar, even on weekdays when it's normally slow.
Even restaurants have turned to installing HD T.V.s for patrons. Many families now eat in front of the T.V. and, as sad as that might seem, it's good for your business. Satellite T.V. can allow you to place several sets all over your restaurant, each offering a channel catered to your demographic. Want to have themed nights at your restaurant? Now you can.
Put on Spanish channels and have Spanish-inspired dishes. French channels with French cuisine. Themes draw crowds - especially if you make it fun and simple.
Auto Repair Shops
Auto repair shops in major dealerships have T.V.s. Why don't you? A satellite package in your shop isn't for the service techs, it's for customers. Many shops use satellite T.V. to keep customers entertained while their vehicle is being fixed. Rather than having customers sit and wonder when their car will be finished, they can relax and watch their favorite show.
The Benefit To Businesses
Satellite T.V. is beneficial for businesses in two major ways. Regardless of what industry you're in, you will find satellite television valuable as both an entertainment value and as a business value.
Entertainment Value: Happy customers are the best kind of customers. If your business is such that customers come to your place of business, then keeping them entertained should be a priority.
Business Value: Sometimes, educational programs can be of value to your employees. Satellite gives you access to foreign language channels so your employees can be immersed in a language before traveling to other countries, new programs so they can be kept informed about your industry, and educational channels that you can use to supplement in-house employee training and education initiatives.


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