Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wowza Media Server: Detailed Review

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Wowza Media Systems has been in some news recently as it has launched some interesting softwares out of which the most famous one has been Wowza Media Sever.

Windows Media Server is unified server software which is used for streaming live and on-demand video, etc. over public and private IP networks. Wowza Media Server streams media to different platforms such as computer, laptop, tablets and even mobile phones. Wowza Media Server is a very innovative product and has always proved to be helpful as well as fun for many people. In this post, we will share all what you need to know about Wowza Media Server.

Wowza Media Systems

Special Features:

·         Wowza Media Server delivers up to 10 GB per second of per-server video streaming.

·         Wowza Media Server offers a scalable performance which means you can make it deliver up to 10 GB per second from one server or even scale it up to a multi-server load.

·         Wowza Media Server lets you stream to multiple screens simultaneously with the help of H.264 streaming.

·         As I earlier told you, Wowza Media Server streams media to different platforms and also it has no bar of operating system as it works on Windows, Mac, all variants of Linux, UNIX and Solaris.
·         Wowza Media Server gives you extensive management with standard based programming interfaces, comprehensive logging and compatibility with many analysis tools.
·         Wowza Media Server allows you to add Add-Ons to make your Media Server much better than it already is. With the Add-Ons, you can add more features to your Media Server. What more, many of those Add-Ons are totally free of cost.

·         Wowza Media Server is exceptionally reliable so you can confidently build your business on the software.

Other Features:

·         Deliver Live Audio and Video streams to any platform
·         Stream Live Adapted Bitrate Content
·         HTTP Origin
·         Digital Rights Management
·         Media Security
·         Closed Captioning
·         Silverlight Multicast Player
·         Stream from IP Cameras
·         Communicate in Multiple Languages



Trial License (30 Days)
Monthly License
$55/server per month
Perpetual License
Developer License
Daily License
$5/server per day

As you can see from above, it has been nicely priced and is definitely worth the price set for it. When compared to other software such as Adobe FMIS, it definitely stands out as the affordable one.

Final Words:

Wowza Media Server is one of the finest media servers available on the internet and when it comes at such a good price, anybody interested should go for it. The great thing is that Wowza Media Server supports a lot of devices which makes the total outcome of the streaming a lot better. If you need a media server, and are a bit tight of budget, you can definitely go for Wowza Media Server.


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