Friday, March 15, 2013

Benefits of Doing a Change of Address Online

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You got that great new job, or you're off to school in a new town. Maybe you met someone and plan on getting a place together, or you could just need a change of pace and scenery. Moving is exciting, full of new adventures and possibilities. You get to decorate a new space, meet new people, explore new places, and have new adventures.

It's a thing to look forward to with just a few drawbacks. Packing isn't that fun, nor is possibly leaving behind friends and family, but these are all issues that can be worked out. There is one other downfall to moving, however, that affects your daily life and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Change of address

A necessary part of moving

When you move, you have to fill out a change address form or forms. If you don't, you could miss out on bills, important notices, tax documents, and much more. You have to update your address on legal forms and identifications. You have to let the postal services know not to send your mail to your old address and where to forward it to. You need to let your landlord know where to send final bills. Keeping up with all the people and agencies that must be notified of your new address can be a hassle, and you may forget someone. Not to mention all the forms you need to complete or all the time you need to take off of work to sit in government facilities to fill out the forms. It can be a nightmare.

Take care of it all at once

But what if there was a way for you fill out a change address form(s) that would include everyone you need to notify all at once? There are sites online that can do just that, and most of them are free to use; you'll just need to pay the proper agencies if they charge. In one sitting you can change the address on your license and vehicle registration, all of your bill collectors will know where to mail your notices, and the post office will know where to send your mail.

Secure way of changing your address

Using an online service to complete a change address form doesn't just save time and money, but it's also secure. You've lost things in the mail before. One thing you don't want to get lost is a notice to change your address. If that doesn't get processed you could miss out on very important pieces of mail. Also, most states have laws about how soon you need to update your address after moving on legal documents and identifications. If you fail to change the information within that allotted time you could face hefty fines.

Using an online service to do a change address is free, fast, easy, convenient, and hassle free. You cover all your bases and can get to the joys of being in a new place without the worry that you may have forgotten someone in your address change. Everyone from Aunt Sally to Uncle Sam can reach you by mail with anything from birthday cards and tax forms.


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