Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hint on how to Design your Company Website

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A unique connection with customers is imperative for success of your ecommerce website and can be gained with a few tweaks. When you run an ecommerce business, you must set yourself apart from the competition through more than SEO and SEM techniques.
Web Design
Standing out from your competitors
Unfortunately over-optimization has necessitated changes in ecommerce businesses, even requiring company registration to help you stand out above all the rest. Registering your company provides a level of professionalism most ecommerce sites lack. You always need to register a domain name, but you may get overlooked if you piggyback your site with a larger ecommerce site. Impressions matter, and registered companies are part of that. With that said, people tend to trust a company incorporates.
The importance of branding
Branding is all a part of company registration in terms of getting your company name recognized. Brand awareness is essential, and it takes a lot to be unique. Google offers a new image around their name for holidays, special events, and almost every day. It has helped pull in visitors because many want to find out what the new image is. Nike and Reebok are two other brands that have done something similar for their ecommerce sites. Captions, designs, and logos need to be exceptional if you want to standout among the millions of online websites in your ecommerce industry.
Keep it simple
Design Company Website
Your ecommerce store needs a user friendly design, but many have made mistakes by cluttering their pages, offering testimonials, and using flash. Flash graphics are only to be used if they make a difference. Ads via video that constantly restart will upset your consumer. Flash that does not answer a question is going to make your consumer leave the page. What you need is a clear page, with your products, and helpful tutorials or videos about what you sell. Plug-ins that must be downloaded are another way to make your visitor leave, especially if it is a pointless flash video that requires the plug-in.
Update your content
Updating your content is important for web crawlers and your readers. Visitors want a steady stream of interesting, useful content. A site that's not updated, though, could give the impression that the site owner doesn't care or doesn't know what he or she is doing. If you did not complete your company registration when you started your company, it is not too late. Announce it in your news section that you have gained enough sales to register your brand. Doing this shows visitors that your ecommerce site is doing well, this also improves consumer confidence.
Even online, customer service is important
Your customer service department needs to be responsive to questions. Answer all questions in a timely fashion. Provide a "help" or "contact us" email link where customers can reach you. Write a thorough FAQ section (this will save you time, especially if you receive a lot of inquiries by email or phone). Make sure your return and shipping policies are clearly spelled out. And make sure your product information leaves nothing to the imagination. Remember, customers can't see, touch or feel the product in person, so product descriptions and photos that show all angles of the product is vitally important.


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