Wednesday, June 12, 2013

4 Must Have iPhone Apps

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The smartphone has changed the way in which we live. This amazing device not only allows us to make calls from just about anywhere, it's also a small computer, with the capabilities to search online, play videos and music and video games. However, the smartphone might be the most revolutionary through its series of applications, which become useful tools for living your daily life. The Android and iOS app stores feature thousands of useful programs and below is some of our favorites.

Mint Personal Finance App

Are you someone who likes to keep track of exactly how much you're spending and what you're spending the majority of your money on? The personal finance app from Mint is ideal for this as it allows you to see what your cash flow is at any given time, how much money you're spending on different types of things and gives you evidence of how to better budget you life. There are alerts, ways to track your investments and also a great security system on the phone which will allow you to keep anyone from seeing how much you make, have or spend if you happen to lose it.

Google Maps

While many smartphones come with their own map program, Google maps is by far the best as it has the most accurate map and traffic-tracking information. The app is free, so if it doesn’t come standard on your smartphone, download it immediately so you'll never have to ask for directions again and, hopefully, get stuck in traffic much less often.


One of the best service providers for television now has an incredibly useful app that allows you to program and operate your DirecTV service from just about anywhere while using your smartphone. The app also turns your smartphone into an entertainment player, according to DirecTV, as you can not only program shows to record at home, but also watch the shows right then and there on your phone or tablet. In other words, no more waiting until you get home to watch your favorite shows or movies.


Ever heard a song that you had heard before and wish you knew who played it? Ever heard a song that you love in some place like a restaurant or mall and have no way of finding out whom it is? Shazam is there for you. If you’re a music freak, especially with new music, than the free Shazam app is a must for your smartphone. It will allow you simply to tap the button in the middle of the app and hold your phone up to the music. It will listen to it, and the vast majority of the time, find and list the song and the artist, for you to download at some point in the future.

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