Thursday, July 18, 2013

5 Reasons why Selling your old Laptop Makes a Great Deal of Sense

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If you got an old laptop on your hands, don’t just give it away or store it in your attic or somewhere deep within the recesses of your wardrobe, you can sell it and make some money in the bargain. I have come across so many people who replace their old laptops and don’t make it a point to monetize their old laptop by selling it at the best prices. That’s a huge mistake.

It is surprising that this happens because selling old laptops, these days makes a lot of sense, here’s why:

Sell Old Laptops

Plenty of Sites that Help you Sell Old Items

Sites like eBay, Craigslist. Amazon and more help you sell your old laptops and you can sell at a price that you think suits their age, condition and functioning. Once you put up your laptop for sale, all you need to do is wait for prospective buyers to make an offer and sell your laptop to somebody whose comes close to or matches your expected price. The process is simple and most of these websites don’t ask for a commission on the sale.
Before you pick a site through which you want to sell your laptop, it will be a good idea to go through the various options available and make a choice based on the feasibility and convenience of the sales process offered by them.

Plenty of Sites that Will Buy your Laptop

There are quite a number of sites out there, who specialize in buying old laptops. All you need to do is describe your laptop, its configuration and condition while filling up their online form and they will go through it, and give you a quote. If you like their quote, you need to send your laptop to them; if they find the laptop matches your description, they will send you the cash immediately. 

It’s important to remember that different sites will offer different quotes, so get your hands on a collection of quotes, and if a quote suits your fancy, sell your laptop to the site making that particular quote. But before you surrender your laptop, make sure to check the credibility of the site that you are going to do business with. If you have doubts about it, don’t do business with, pure and simple. Look for somebody else.

The art of Upgrading and Selling

I know this tips looks odd, given the fact that a person might not want to upgrade his laptop in order to sell it, because the whole process of swapping old hardware/software for new, involves quite a bit of investment. But, it makes sense, if you are thinking of making money from your sale. Think about it, what does a buyer want from a laptop? He is looking for a used laptop that has acceptable RAM and hard drive, good battery life, the keyboard and track pad must function smoothly and it must have useful peripherals. If you think your used laptop doesn't have these qualities, upgrading it makes sense. Work out the cost of upgrading your laptop and compare it to the price that you can sell it for. If you are going to profit from an upgrade, why not just go ahead and do it?

You can Buy a New Laptop Without Busting the Bank

One of the biggest reasons why it doesn't make sense for you to hold on to your trusted but old laptop, is that with every new laptop released on the market, there is a flexible financing option, that allows you to get your hands on it, easily without stretching your finances. So, if you want a brand new laptop, packed with the latest hardware and software, you can just go ahead and get one. You don’t have to think endlessly whether you can afford it or not. Hunt for the best available prices, the best available payment options, the freebies available and make your choice. It’s as simple as that!

No effort Required

Now here’s a reason as good as any why selling an old laptop make so much sense. There is absolutely no effort required to sell it. Selling it is a breeze if you make use of the best available avenues. Why have an old laptop lying around your house, which nobody is using? If you think you need to replace it for some reason or other, don’t wait around for it to get redundant. Today, you don’t have to make the rounds of various shops to sell your laptop; you can do so sitting in the comforts of your home, by taking the online route. It’s convenient, effortless and hassle free. That’s why it makes so much of sense.
So, there you are – 5 reasons why I think selling an old laptop is a sensible choice. I am sure you will have your own reasons, and it will be great if you can share them here.


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