Thursday, August 08, 2013

5 Ways Your Business Productivity Could Boost with a BYOD Initiative

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The BYOD, or Bring our Own Device, movement is gaining steam in the corporate world for many different reasons. For one thing, companies like not having to spend money on technology that can help to increase revenue.

The balancing act with a BYOD program is making sure that employees remain productive while being allowed to remain outside the boundaries of corporate control. To this end, BYOD:

Promotes Persistent Communication

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One of the reasons BYOD is so popular among employees is because it allows them to work using their personally customized computing devices. Companies can use this level of comfort to their advantage by staying in touch with employees at all hours of the day and encouraging online employee interaction after office hours. Staff members can discuss important project ideas via social networking or texting at all hours of the day, which would significantly increase their productivity.

Enhances Acceptance of New Applications

In a BlackBerry bring your own device program, employees would be required to download company applications on their personal computing devices. An employee is much more apt to investigate a new company application if it is on his own computing device, as opposed to having to learn the application on an unfamiliar device that is issued by the company. The employees would be much more patient with new applications and the integration process into the corporate structure would be much smoother.

Utilizes Technology Familiarity

A significant advantage offered by a BYOD program is that the employees are already very familiar with their own computing devices. The company does not need to invest extra time and money in training employees on using smartphones, tablets or computers and the employees would already know how to maximize the performance of their computing devices. Even new employees would be able to get up to speed and be productive instantly with a BYOD environment.

Improves Morale

According to, nearly 50 percent of the entire American workforce is frustrated with the way that IT departments are handling changes in technology. When a company utilizes a BYOD program, that level of frustration drops significantly because the staff is already intimately familiar with how its computing devices work. The company can enhance that morale shift by working to show employees how to get even more functionality out of their computing devices, which would have a significantly positive effect on morale.

Benefits From Shared Experience

How many times have you seen someone using the very same model of computing device that you have, but in ways that you were unfamiliar with? Encouraging a BYOD environment also encourages employees to share experiences that they have with their computing devices to get more functionality out of them. It is a side-effect of the BYOD movement that enhances the feeling of teamwork and strengthens the professional bonds between staff members.

There are some obvious financial benefits for a company that encourages a BYOD environment, but there are also productivity perks that may not be so obvious. Once a company gets entrenched in the BYOD idea, it will find that productivity, as well as company morale, improve.


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