Friday, August 09, 2013

Top 3 Benefits of IT Roadmapping

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You made a plan for your business, but do you have one for the technology it uses? When businesses fall behind technologically and find themselves scrambling for a solution, they end up spending too much money and making hasty purchasing decisions because they failed to create an IT roadmap. When you make an IT roadmap with the help of a company that offers application services, you increase your business’ operational efficiencies and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

What is IT Roadmapping?

When you map out your IT infrastructure, you create short- and long-term technological goals that align with your business’ formal goals. Most companies don’t plan to acquire new technologies. Instead, they add technologies as solutions to problems.
Technology Roadmap
When you do IT roadmapping, you plan for growth in all aspects of your business. For example, if you own a store and have the goal to open another location within the next three years, you create an IT roadmap so you don’t fall short when it comes to budgeting, staff, hardware, software, communications and application integration. IT roadmapping also helps you keep up with technologies that are wise investments for your particular business and industry, so you always offer the best customer service possible and maintain a competitive advantage.

The Top Benefits of IT Roadmapping

Cost Saving 

When you have an IT roadmap, you slowly save for new technologies. This way, when it comes time to make a purchase, your business already has the funds available and its cash flow doesn’t experience a negative impact.

With the help of application services experts, you can learn about the IT areas in which you can save money and optimize. For example, if you plan to upgrade your operating system in two years, you may find that the upgraded professional license offers features that your office won’t use. By knowing this, you can save on licensing costs without impacting efficiency.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

An IT roadmap helps your business implement IT-related standards, making the infrastructure more efficient and your workers more productive. Examples of IT standards include plans for back-end infrastructures, a standard operating environment and the employee use of passwords. When you create standards, everyone is on the same page regarding the use of the company’s technologies so surprises aren’t as frequent and solutions are simpler to troubleshoot.  

Keep Data Secure

When you make an IT roadmap, you identify your business’ critical systems and their requirements, and make a plan to keep your data secure. As you make a plan to keep your data safe, you also make a plan to recover it in the event of a disaster to ensure business continuity.                 

The Benefits of Working with an IT Company’s Application Services Team

Unless you’re an IT and technology expert, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to IT roadmapping. This is when the application services team of an IT company can help. These professionals offer business consulting services to help you streamline and optimize your business processes, plan for the future and help you use technology to increase operational efficiencies.

IT roadmapping services generally include identifying your current and potential business challenges, like cost containment, security and customer responsiveness. The experts then help you determine your company’s biggest challenge and in turn, a technological solution. An application services team then identifies the phase that your business is in, like the optimization or growth phase, and helps you determine the technologies that can carry the business through to the next phase. The technologies that the professionals help you choose are those that help your business achieve its goals and support its needs.

As you prepare to do your own IT roadmapping, look for an applications services provider that offers maintenance, staff training and the support that you’ll need for upgrades. While creating an IT roadmap can seem time consuming, the process is an investment in the future and technological stability of your organization so you are always ahead of the game as new technologies emerge.


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