Friday, September 06, 2013

100% Ad blocking expected by 2018 - Stats, Effects & The Solution

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You may know about the advertisement blocking software available on the internet for various platforms and browsers. The people who find online advertisements disturbing and an element which makes the loading process slow use these software to block these ads which fall in category of electronics ads, paying guest ads, magazines ads, websites ads, products ads, etc.

AdBlock - Advertisement Blocking Software

The Numbers
PageFair, the ad-block tracking company has revealed that 22.7% advertisements were blocked by using the software like AdBlock. PageFair checked 220 websites for its research to carry out their study. All this eventually lead to the expectation that if ad blocking continues to rage at this rate, 100% internet users will be blocking ads by 2018. Also, reports from Google Trends show us that the searches for ‘adblock’ have more than doubled between July 2012 and July 2013.

The Effects
All these advertisements produce revenue for the website they are put on. But because of ad blocking services, these ads are not displayed on many users’ devices which lead to a loss of revenue.

According to a recent report, Google lost a huge amount because of these ad blocking services. They lost a humongous $887 million in 2012. Since Google earns majority of its revenue from advertisements, even the Web-Mammoth is not safe from ad-blocking because it suffered a loss in 2012 but Google has found a solution to this.

The Solution
In March 2013, Google had blocked Adblock Plus application from Play Store because of the losses being suffered by online advertisers. But that was obviously not enough. So, for the next step, they collaborated with AdBlock. Google, followed by several other firms, paid Adblock so that Adblock allows their ads on the computers using the software.

But, there are and will be many other ad blocking software which may not allow a free pass. Things could again go haywire for the online advertisers so what can they really do? Let’s see.

The *Actual* Solution
What can the online advertisers and publishers do to make the audience ignore software like AdBlock? They can not pay anybody and can try to implement the actual solution.

They can design their ads which will not disturb a viewer. There are several ads which come with animations and sounds which get you searching that which tab is actually producing noise. Also, PageFair says, these type of ads are the no. 1 for usage of ad blocking extensions and software.

Also, publishers can explain to their readers the importance of advertisements to them and how ads help them earn the revenue and pay the hosting bills, etc. PageFair has reported that many publishers have successfully managed to make their readers unblock the advertisements from their sites.


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