Friday, September 20, 2013

Top 5 Most Expensive Printers

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Printer manufacturers such as HP, Canon and Epson make up about three quarters of the printers in UK homes. Discussions are ongoing about the outrageous prices of ink cartridges that have continued to rise over the last nine years and are still continuing to.

While the prices of ink cartridges are rapidly increasing, the prices for printers are remaining the same and increasing slowly. This can discourage customers not to purchase a printer as it doesn’t seem like they’re getting their money’s worth. However, manufacturers must be confident with their products if both prices are rising, so here are 5 reviews on the top most expensive printers on the market.

1. Dell B3465dnf A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer, £769.06

Dell B3465dnf A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Expensive Printer
Rated excellent, the Dell Multifunction Laser Printer has won the Editors’ Choice award. This printer is meant for a small to medium-size office or workgroup, however manufacturers reassure that any doubts about its suitability for heavy-duty use should be ignored. It has the rated maximum monthly duty cycle for printing, at a standard 150,000 pages with a recommended maximum of up to 15,000 pages - proving itself to be Editors’ Choice. With a maximum rating it runs at surprisingly fast speed with high quality output, however, going against recent discussions, it has a low ink cost per page. It’s controlled by a 7-inch colour touch-screen panel which is designed with an easy to use set of menus and buttons and offers audible feedback in response to a touch. The only con this printer seems to have is that when printing photos the quality is very low, so depending on your type of work depends if this printer is worth the money.

2. Xerox Phaser 7100/N, £985.80
Xerox Phaser 7100/N Printer
The Xerox Phaser is the new model from the Xerox’s manufacturers, and was created to fill a niche within the printing market. The new low-cost colour laser printer can print up to a tabloid size of 11 by 17 inches. With that in mind, this printer is great for companies who need that size, however niche markets can be hard to predict. It prints at a good speed with a strong output quality and produces slightly above average photos. The only con with this printer is there is no port for a USB drive or stick, meaning work can only be sent from a computer or laptop.  This is a slightly disappointing aspect for those who are up to date with technology.

3. Lexmark C792dhe A4 Colour Laser Printer, £1,962.22
Lexmark C792dhe
This printer is designed for medium to large workgroups, and the Lexmark manufacturers are confident that this printer can meet the demands of your busy colour-printing environment. It provides a professional quality output and has the ability to print on a wide variety of media so allows the workplace to do more colour printing in-house. Thanks to advanced colour technology this printer is consistent in providing vibrant colour from the first page to last. The device is office friendly as it has an instant warm-up fuser to help reduce energy consumption and colour care technology to manage colour usage and control costs. It is also seen as one of the cheaper options by manufacturers as the expandability options and finishing feature are on-par with what would expect from a more expensive model.

4. Datamax O’Neil MP-Series Compact4, £936.13
Datamax O’Neil MP-Series Printer
This printer may not be ideal for the office-based workplace however this Datamax is as equally important to the entertainment industry. This industry is constantly moving from venue to venue, so are always in demand for fresh, new tickets. No matter the type of venue or the type of ticket needed the Datamax can produce them all and at a fast pace - high quality tickets that are kept as souvenirs, or even the simple throw away tickets. This small but mighty printer takes only half the room of a normal sized desktop printer but can produce the same duty cycle and strength. Whatever the venue, this is the printing solution for theatres, sports venues and concerts.

5. HP Designjet T7100 – 42” Printer, £8,628.00
HP Designjet T7100 – 42” Printer
This impressively large printer is designed for central reprographic departments in enterprises and reproduction houses. It produces colour printing for customers needing something as simple as a CAD drawing to high quality presentations. With the expensive costs of printing in monochrome, the printer has an alternative device which provides this to cut down on costs. This printer eases and accelerations print production for customers by offering fast speeds of 165 A1 printer per hour. You pay for what you get with this printer, with the added bonus that it is capable of printing unattended with no paper jams to worry about.

No matter the expense of the printer, printer manufacturers will always make sure that you get your money’s worth. However, it’s the refilling of ink cartridges that we continue to buy over the years until you've spent more on refilling than you did on the actual printer. For low cost printer cartridges, check out CartridgeDiscount, who provide ink to various printers without the expensive price tag. 


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