Sunday, November 17, 2013

iOrgsoft AVCHD Converter for Mac

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Looking for AVCHD Converter and that too for Mac?

Maybe, we have just got the perfect solution for you. Yes! We are talking about the efficient iOrgsoft AVCHD Converter for Mac which is said to be the best AVCHD Converter available for Mac right now.

iOrgsoft AVCHD Converter

iOrgsoft AVCHD Converter MAC is designed with an aim to facilitate the Canon, Sony, JVC, etc users so that they can easily play around with their video recordings. iOrgsoft AVCHD Converter comes with a promise of providing you with the ability to convert AVCHD files to almost all the popular formats available. Not only that, it also allows its users to convert other HD videos to the format of their choice. In short, there are three basic functionalities that iOrgsoft provides:

      Converting AVCHD/HD/M2TS files to the file formats of their choice. For example, converting MTS to MPG.
        Importing AVCHD/MXF etc… to iMovie, iPhone 5, iPad 2 etc.
        Enabling the user to edit AVCHD videos; like applying effects, cropping, adjusting the Aspect Ratio, etc…


With the help of this amazing Converter, you no longer need to worry about your AVCHD files. Using this software tool, you can easily convert your camcorder recordings into:

                        FLV, AVI, MPG/MPEG, WMV. 3GP, DV,M4V, 3G2, MP4, Xvid, MKV

And a gazillion other formats. It also converts HD video to SD video, HD/SD video to audio without asking you to download any codecs whatsoever.
If you visit their homepage:, you would see that they have provided you with the option of choosing your Mac version. With that Mac version, they automatically suggest you the right type of iOrgsoft version to download. In this way, there is no reason why you would end up having a version that won’t be compatible with your Mac version.

Importing and Editing files

As mentioned earlier, iOrgsoft lets you import AVCHD files to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PSP and any other device that you can think of. This way, you don’t need your camcorder to watch your videos, you can watch them from anywhere you like. It also lets you edit these videos by making use of its “AVCHD Video Editor” feature. This feature lets you apply all kinds of editing options; cropping, clipping, adjusting brightness/contrast/saturation and the list goes on and on.


All in all, this software is one heck of software. It takes care of all your needs; converting, importing, editing, editing after importing, etc. Therefore, if you’re crazy when it comes to making videos, then spending some bucks on this software would be worth it. It comes with an easy-to-understand interface and provides users with rich features. It supports multiple files and performs all the conversions really fast. This way, you don’t need to wait for hours for the processing to come to an end. Furthermore, it uses “Smart Fit” feature. With this feature, you can convert your videos without having to worry about their quality loss. iOrgsoft converts videos in their original resolution. 


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